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This Is Really Getting Old: The Mansion Is Closing

By Jun 30, 2016 Nightlife


[Sorry for another closure note but life ain't so bad! It's summertime, and this is just the circle of life in the human F&B / nightlife realm. Plus, if you live next to The Mansion, this is GREAT news.]

These are the final months for Hongqiao kwazy kids castle / social experiment / party house, The Mansion. They dropped the news via a WeChat post on Wednesday night:


"YES THE MANSION AT THIS LOCATION IS GOING TO CLOSE. The rent lease is till August 20th. After this we will extend the lease on a monthly [basis] until the landlord has found new people or we decide to move out... Closing this location DOES NOT mean we stop."

You can read the full post for more details, but basically, The Mansion are going to focus on other projects like music festivals (they just finished MIDI Electronic, and their YinYang fest and another are coming up), and the neighbors are growing sick of the early morning crowds, the taxis, the madness, and yes even the hamburger stands that set up shop at 3am just outside a secret entrance to a suburban villa compound where people moved to get away from the city.

Mansion was a crazy idea. I was there on opening night when the police came and I didn't think it would last more than a few months. They pushed on for three and a half years. Never sold out. They kept it underground. And sketchy. Some people had their first party experiences there. Others relived their youth. For good and bad, the place was a Shanghai institution. It still is -- they're open until the final hour. Who knows when that will strike. Stay tuned.



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  • 3 years ago jacobflowers7

    The bell tolls. I literally still, have not yet gone.

    Guess a trip is in order.

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