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Purple Rain: Three Prince Movies @ Dada On Tuesday
By Apr 26, 2016 Nightlife
Sadly, Prince never played Shanghai (he came to Hong Kong in 2003, just after SARS). Who knows, maybe he'd have come here eventually, like Metallica and Iron Maiden. Maybe not.

It's hard to process the fact that Prince is gone. It's probably like when Mozart died, or Shakespeare. But like those artists, Prince will live on eternally through his music, and if what they say is true about his secret vaults full of thousands and thousands of unreleased tunes, then we've got about 100 years of new Prince material to look forward to.

To commemorate the life of the Legend (a rare exception to our style guide's ban on that word) Shanghai's biggest Prince fan, Cookie (小饼) from Daily Vinyl, is screening three classic Prince films tonight at Dada: Under The Cherry Moon (1986), Grafiti Bridge (1990), and of course, Purple Rain (1984). Starts at 8pm sharp. No cover. Dress in Purple.


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