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Some Shanghai Bands Keeping It Real, Others Not At All

By Jan 29, 2016 Nightlife


Hey just putting this out there: Inferno has three metal bands Friday from 9pm, for free. This is The Machinery Of Other Skeletons' last show with their singer Ivan. Expect some violent riffs and deep growls. Then you've got melodic death metal band The Arcbane, and Hitobashira, brand new on Shanghai's metal scene. No cover. Doors at 7pm, bands start at 9pm.

To these three bands: thanks for keeping it rock and roll. We need a reminder that Shanghai has some good bands when we've got a ten-year low in the rock quadrant like this "We Are Laowai In Shanghai" concert happening over at Yuyintang. Just look at this damn flyer...

Are you serious? This isn't helping anyone. This does not deserve a Friday night slot at one of China's most crucial rock venues. Consider the impression this gives any rock fan passing through town who wants to "check out the scene." People I know -- old heads -- have stopped going to Yuyintang, because shit like this is happening constantly, and decent bands (especially Chinese touring bands) can't find weekend dates, so they play on a Sunday night. This didn't happen five years ago. Step it up.



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  • 4 years ago XIR TMAI

    Seriously Ian. People need to take a lesson in realness from Lions of Puxi and step shit up like when they dropped this one back in 09.

  • 4 years ago Incredulous Unverified User

    "This does not deserve a Friday night slot at one of China's most crucial rock venues."? Well, I'll have my chest puffed out with pride next time I mount that hallowed stage, for sure. The flyer looks like its for a small local gig at a dive bar, and I'm guessing thats exactly what went down, Hehe

  • 4 years ago whitegirlwhatever

    That flyer looks rough. Ivan will be missed! I caught a good local band at yyt last weekend called Foster Parents. Catchy math rock pop with just a guitar player and a drummer, the sound is fresh and their energy is contagious. After playing a short set the audience was demanding another song. I heard they are playing there again at the end of the month. Hope this is the start of a new trend.

  • 4 years ago JayTaylorWyld

    Whatever the reason for your sophomoric article I offer you a free lesson from an actual writer. Don’t trash other bands to promote your friends bands, it reeks of band journalism and makes you look like a douche.

    Have you even heard the bands playing? Did you bother to sound cloud them? No.
    Before you open your mouth or grab your bodily fluid covered laptop to write “reviews” of an event or band, you should take 30 seconds and actually you know...LISTEN to the bands. If I’m going to put my name on a piece, I make it worth the digital ink it’s printed on.

    My band played at that event, we’re “Moaning Lisa”. I’ve played stages across the world (yes, that’s the blue spinny thing we’re standing on) from small bar open mics to full on at Sierra Nevada music festival, Health and Harmony Fest and Reggae on the river. My smaller band “Power by Piracy” was privileged to open for SoulFly at Maritime Hall. So I am well certified to say, ”we F-ing killed it”. As in a full house, standing room only, everyone had a great time; laugher, joy, drinks and good music. You know... the reason people leave their house.

    Your article reads as an attempt to promote “The Machinery Of Other Skeletons” to push not good music or bad music but you're buddies. A bromance with the singer Ivan is relevant only in your diary, not as material for a good piece of writing.
    “Expect some violent riffs and deep growls” aren’t for everyone. So if we don’t fall under your ideal image of rock or metal we don’t count? We're " not worthy"? Sounds a bit elitist and very un-rock&roll to me. Let me grab my tightest jeans and most torn up leather jacket to fit Ians' idea of good rock&roll.

    I haven’t heard those bands yet so I can’t speak for their talent ( I will go to their next show before I form an opinion) but I’d like to think that they are solid enough as a band that they don’t need a back biting weasel piece article trashing other bands to get people to their show.

    I invite you to the next Moaning Lisa show (free of charge) so you can write and actual review of our band. Then hate us or love us you can have an informed opinion of our music and our worthiness of a Friday night.

    Yes, that flyer sucked balls. I saw it and cringed. The bands didn’t make the flyer the venue did.
    Read the book (or at least the first chapter) before you judge it.

    Jay Taylor

  • 4 years ago HEY_jay_Taylor Unverified User

    "Moaning Lisa (美英混合):Moaning Lisa is a rock and roll band that mixes a little bit of rap in a couple of the songs. We write and play our own music, but also do a couple covers here and there. 3 of us are American and 1 is British."


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