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Rock Festival Rumour Mill
By Jan 19, 2011 Nightlife
In honor of it being a slow news day, week, year, we thought we'd stir the rock festival rumor pot a bit with two items for your consideration. When there is no news to report, we've got no qualms in just making shit up.

Or is there some truth to it all? Who can say. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

First item comes from local musiks writer Jake Newby, the Newb dog, who in this post points to rumblings on Douban of a Shanghai Midi festival in 2011. Read the whole thing right here. He seems skeptical but maybe that's just 'cause he's a "rock dude" and into "dark music." Who knows.

To add to that fine piece of gossip with some unsubstantiated gossip of our own, let us offer that Suzhou -- which is basically Shanghai -- is a great place to pick Strawberries. Around April 30-ish, we should think.
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