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By Mar 1, 2011 Nightlife
Big things in the works in terms of rawk festivals for Shanghai and surrounding environs. We talked a bit before about Modern Sky’s Strawberry Festival, rumored to be coming to Suzhou. That one looks all but confirmed. They haven’t updated their festival splash page yet, but with their Douban flag firmly planted, we’re expecting the official release to follow forthwith. Looks like Strawberry is headed to Suzhou, April 30 to May 2. Bands, of course, are still TBD, but we’ve heard they’re contacting acts and arranging the line-up, so we’re expecting that information soon. Japanese post rock band, Mono has had their name bandied about with that event, so that’s one to look out for and wish into existence.

If you’re a bit Shanghai-centric in your view of China music, Modern Sky is a Beijing-based record label-cum-festival organizer, host to two rock music festivals – Modern Sky Festival and Strawberry Festival. Although both events pair up their big label bands (i.e. Queen Sea Big Shark, Hedgehog) with international acts, Strawberry is the more fashion-y, trendy, alt-y of the two. In recent years, Strawberry has blown up in size and scope, with the company looking to expand the thing all over China. Their Suzhou date is the closest they’ve come to our fair city.

In addition to that, the rumors are steadily solidifying on the Chinese interwebs of an impeding Shanghai stop for China’s most famous rock festival, Midi Festival, which has a projected location and date of May 6-8 at Century Park in Pudong. Again, it's unconfirmed but hey if we’re slinging rumors around, that one is really gaining traction on the net. If it turns out to be thus, the Midi people will be behind the first large-scale rock festival event in Shanghai, which is a big deal. Kinda seems like it was only a matter of time – like every city in China has hosted something besides Shanghai, yeah?

In years previous, Rock in China has been the English-language portal for all things Midi, so maybe bookmark that sucker if you want to keep abreast of these things...

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  • flyswatter

    That Strawberry link is for the Beijing one, this is the Suzhou/Wujiang one:

  • morgan

    Thanks. Corrected.

  • Unverified User

    Should also mention that in Nanjing there is also a festival in the works for that weekend...

  • morgan

    Yep, for sure. Nanjing is host to a music festival of their own, running from April 30 - May 2. They're building off the one they threw last year, which saw Shanghai represented by The Fever Machine, along with as bunch of other solid Chinese acts.

    We hear that this year, they're trying to throw in big foreign names with that thing, so we'll see how it turns out...

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