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Shelter Four-Year Anniversary Coming Up
By Oct 19, 2011 Nightlife
Basement pit of darkness, The Shelter, turns four years old next month and information is starting to trickle in on who they've got lined up for anniversary shows. These aren't for a ways off yet, but stick it in the back of your mind if it's your thing. Hype train, rolling out of the station...

November 25: Sub-Culture Anniversary Pt.1 feat. Shackleton

December 1: S.T.D presents DJ Shigeto (JP)

December 2: Quantic from Tru Thoughts (UK)

December 3: DJ Krush 20th Anniversary Concert

December 10: Sub-Culture Anniversary Pt.2 feat. Kode9

Early congrats to The Shelter. We wish you four more years of making everyone's clothes smell like shit, but worth it.
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  • psinology

    Happy Happy birthday to Shelter, your mark on Shanghai nightlife cannot be understated.

  • Rosembloom

    Once an unrivaled venue for djs and music lovers, Shelter today is nothing but a frat house gone wrong. People like Free The Wax worked really hard to turn this place into an institution, which is now just feeding off its past glories.

    Musically speaking, it is only once every few months that an actual good dj comes by its otherwise lame programming. Shelter's character has become synonymous to mediocre gigs, where very often djs don't even do live sets, and instead plug library playlists. What is worse , often djs - which was the case of even Dj Krush a few months back to my great disappointment!- pretend to be dj'ng because the clowns and the losers are easily fooled and they like the charade. Real aficionados don't appreciate this insult to their intelligence and, what is more, feel that Shelter is evidently lowering the standards of music to cater to the phonies and what to expect from live sets in Shanghai. People that call theselves DJs, more notable or less know, now come to Shelter to "put music on" but that is it. Goodbye to live sets, selected sessions or virtuoso performances. Also, the sound system of this stinky bone fide dive bar is terrible and, if you now the first thing about acoustics or if you have dj there, you know perfect well it is a joke.

    Everybody goes to Shelter for its cheap beer and because there are not too many obvious venues with live sets in this city but it is a true embarrassment to be there. The most uncool experience you can think of full of frat boys, drunks and people looking for trouble to get their penis pumped. It is a desperate meeting ground. It ain't that hard to get laid in Shanghai so why go to this rodeo.

    The place is a total sh*thole and without grace, the service is terrible and I hope for your own good nothing happens while you are there because the management of the venue is ran by monkeys and nobody is in control. Instead the bartenders, runners, "bouncers" and even cleaning staff will be rude, aggressive and very insulting to foreigners specially -which is something I really do not understand since 85% of its audience is not local. Guess their current motto is "ah the kids are too high to care, charge the entrance fee and screw them". Fights are getting increasingly frequent and, if you are lucky, the staff will take you outside to fight it off much to their amusement.

    Additionally, if you have ever been to Shelter you know it is an accident ready to happen any day now, with the uncontrollable mob of prepubescent druggies and drunks, the negligent staff of bozos and the mere layout of the space. It is a firetrap.

    Shelter is responsible for turning Yongfu lu, what was a cool area full of venues into a distasteful street, full of drug dealers and unclassified losers much to the despair of the other bars in the area. If you think this is your only entrainment option in Shanghai, you are wrong. you just need a bit of personality to find another spot and not buy into this joke of a tourist trap. it is definitely not worth it.

    note: if you are a girl and decide to go, have your back cover or go there in larger group cause you are at risk of being harassed, groped and seriously threatened by drunks and hooligans. these situations to the management's enjoyment often lead to violent situations. you are a target. If on the other hand you are looking to get drunk and have sex easily, this might be the place: it is full of people lurking from the sticky walls seeking the same at whatever cost.

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