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Shelter On Lockdown Saturday Night
By Dec 9, 2011 Nightlife
Hey kids, just a heads up: if you were planning on going to see Kode9 tomorrow night at The Shelter, you should plan accordingly. As part of the evening's show, the Hyperdub head honcho will be doing a special Burial-only set, and the club is closing it's doors to guests during that time period.

So basically, if you show up on time, you're in, you're in, you're in, but if you're late, you have to wait until the club opens back up again at the end of the set at 11pm.

Set times are thus: 9pm to 10pm: R3 doing a live set with special VJ guest; 10pm: doors close; 10pm to 11pm: Kode9 does Burial; 11pm: door open again... and then the night progresses on with support acts, and Kode9 returning to do a main set with Cha Cha -- just returned from the Red Bull Music Academy -- at 1am.
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