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Shelter Update -- There Is No Update
By May 25, 2015 Nightlife
Many have asked for an update on the burglary of The Shelter we posted about last week. Unfortunately, we don't have any more information. The venue has declined to tell us anything, despite repeated requests. Mei banfa. Maybe we'll hear something in a week, or perhaps this will remain a mystery of Tin Tin / Daft Punk proportions.

Update: On Monday, May 25, The Shelter sent an email out saying:

"Ok, so predictably no one came forward. We knew it was a long shot but worth a go. We did however receive a few interesting emails from others who will remain anonymous. We have 2 possible names of people from the group, one male and one female, and screen shots of them bragging online about the incident (not really evidence enough on its own but certainly a good start). Also, another venue contacted to us to tell us that they were also broken into by a very similar group of young people around the same time (numerous males and two females, same time of night but a different date). At this moment we cannot be sure if this is related to the same group of people that broke into Shelter or not, but it is possible that our break in was not an isolated event. We have passed all this information to the police and they will take it from here. Thanks to everyone who helped out and showed their support, we know this wasn’t the biggest crime of the century but it’s good to know that some people care (and also that some really don’t). If any other venue has had a similar incident recently and think that its possible that it may be related to the same group we would love to hear from you, or alternatively we can put you in touch with the police who are dealing with it. The Shelter"

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  • 4 years ago chris**

    I'll hazard a one came forward, and the police are not able/willing to do anything about it (laowai crime, laowai-heavy club on a laowai-heavy street..)

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