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STOP THE PRESSES: Windows Too Is Closing
By Sep 29, 2017 Nightlife
Out the door for holidays? Not so fast, my friend. HUGE BOMB just dropped in the final hours. Bar of myth, legend, unfortunate reality Windows Too in Jing'an is slated to close. For good. This one hurts. This one really hurts. But hey, they're is not going down without jamming it out one last time with the free drinks.


From the Windows Nation:

Windows Too Bar in Jingang to close with farewell party on October 6, 2017 Friday night! We are closing the bar because part of the building where Windows Too located will be closed for renovation. And Windows Too will be relocated to a new venue soon. The farewell Party from 9pm to 11 pm will have a free drinks! Free open bar for two hours! Please invite your friends and save the date. We would like to hav the chance to introduce Windows Company owns the two locations Windows Garage and Windows Scoreboard please visit our website for more information.

There you have it. Not going quietly into that good night. Two hours of free flow, juggalos. Whoop whoop! Have at it.


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