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Sum 41 Coming to Shanghai in October
By Aug 9, 2011 Nightlife
Popular Canadian pop punk band and providers of a fitting soundtrack to shoplift things at the mall to, Sum 41 are coming to Shanghai in October.

October 12 to be exact, at the Shanghai Grand Stage.

Should be a big concert, man. The pop punk -- it's a popular thing in China. The kids, they love it. The company behind it are these guys, out of Taiwan. Clicking on that link will also reveal that apparently the guy from Gob plays guitar in Sum 41 now.

Remember Gob? I do.

More startling, however, and again this is if you click on that link, you can also see they're also bringing in ... drum roll... WHITESNAKE, also in October.

Hopefully, they make it up to Shanghai as well because... holy shit it's Whitesnake, man! Whitesnake, what!

We'll keep you posted on tickets and things. We do the Lord's work.
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  • psinology

    Screw sum 41, they're bringing White Snake over to Taipei!

    WHiiiite Snaaaaaaakkkkeeeeeeee!!!

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