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The Show Must Go On: Strawberry Fest DJs in Shanghai
By Apr 28, 2011 Nightlife
Some silver lining to the huge bummer cloud that is the cancellation of Strawberry Suzhou. We just got off the horn with the S.T.D. people, organizers of the electronic/dance music stage at Strawberry. Here's the latest:

Bad news: Yes, Strawberry Festival is off. Stick a fork in it.

Good news: S.T.D. are taking their DJ stage bookings and flooding them back into Shanghai, for three nights of dance music at multiple venues. Under the loose banner of Strawberry -- tattered battle flag that it now is -- these acts will be performing on April 30 at Mao Livehouse and then two consecutive nights at Lune on May 1 and May 2.

So on April 30 at Mao, DJs including Ssoso, Shanghai Ultra, LON, Kniff, are taking up the decks at Mao Livehouse's new small stage area, after the big MONO show. They're starting at midnight after the concert, and there is no entry fee to get in. So if you're going to MONO, don't leave after the show. More fun stuff to do at the Mao smaller stage. If you can't make MONO, head on down at midnight -- no cover.

On May 1 and 2, they're taking over Lune for two nights of shows, featuring as many of their DJ bookings as they can squeeze in there. Line-up is TBC later today. But it's all good stuff anyways. No cover for either of those nights. Start time, 10pm.

So this is like a 'victory from the jaws of defeat' kind of thing. Or maybe just a 'from hell's heart I stab at thee' kind of thing.

Either way, go ahead and commiserate the cancellation of Strawberry by enjoying some of the booked talent from the electronic stage...

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