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This Dude Osheyack's Mixtapes Should Be Your New Workout / Sleepless Nights Soundtrack
By Jun 3, 2016 Nightlife
Big one this Saturday night for underground electronic music from Shanghai city. That dude TzuSing has his third EP of "angst ridden" industrial techno, cold wave, acid, and breakbeat hardcore coming out on NYC's seminal L.I.E.S. label. That's big.

For the release party on Saturday at Shelter, he's supported by this dude Osheyack, who's got this series of mixtapes called "Clown" that are just so damn fresh. All that after the jump.


Alright, so he left us for Taipei, but TzuSing still spends considerable time in the city, running his Stockholm Syndrome nights. This new EP is the third and final in his A Name Out of Place series. The first EP poured techno sludge all over a long sample from the 1976 film, Network (a must see), and got him a lot of cred in the world of people who party like the movie Blade, leading to bookings around the world. The new one gets into more breakbeat and acid territory. Peep it.


Credit: Dre Romero

Who is this dude? He came out of nowhere, suddenly playing insane live shows at Shelter. He's supporting TzuSing this Saturday and he's got an EP coming out on Shanghai label par excellence SVBKVLT. His mixtape series, Clown, are some of the freshest tapes I've heard from Shanghai -- ever. They're frantic collages of techno, ballroom, Baltimore club, weird samples, original productions by him and friends, lots of edits, and darkness. Made on Ableton, they sound like a soundtrack to being scared to go to bed at 8am after a long night out. Expecting big things from him.


TzuSing's EP release is this Saturday, June 4 at The Shelter. More info in the event listing.


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