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This Kid Who Studied at Shanghai Conservatory of Music Is Playing Tomorrowland This Weekend
By Jul 22, 2016 Nightlife


Pretty big EDM success story right here. This 17 year-old Chinese kid named Chace has a slot at one of the biggest music festivals in the world on Sunday in Holland. His name is above DJ Mustard's on the flyer. What? Who is this kid?

Image via the artist's Instagram

According to his press bio, the precocious teen has been playing drums since the age of two and touring with his dad's band "for years." In his early teens, he traveled to Shanghai every week from his hometown Yancheng, Jiangsu to study production and audio engineering at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and started recording acapella tracks and getting into producing. Speaking over WeChat, he told me, "My teacher basically decided to send me to Berklee after seven years, but I wasn't interested in that."

Nowadays, along with fellow Shanghai-based producers Tsunano and Dexter King, he's now on a team called Mad Panda Agency, which is managed by some Dutch peeps who appear to have serious connections in the EDM and PR world. They've managed to get him on the front page of the iTunes Store and Thump, and he's collaborated with Dutch EDM act Yellow Claw and has tour dates all over Europe this summer. Big moves, indeed.

Despite the EDM association (he has Swedish House Mafia's logo tattooed on his arm), this is not festival rage music. Chace's tunes have a poppy, melancholy house feel and he sings on his own tracks. It's catchy; he could get big. There's clearly some influence from Disclosure and similar UK acts. His slick debut is streaming on Soundcloud. Great to see a young producer from China getting some hype -- hopefully he can maintain it.

Following his European dates, Chace is back in Shanghai with Tsunano and Dexter King at Arkham on August 12 for a SHFT show.



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  • 3 years ago unioz

    more generic EDM. yawn.

  • 3 years ago 4MoB Unverified User



  • 3 years ago DJ Ketchup Unverified User

    Who is DJ Mustard anyway?

  • 3 years ago Unverified User

    Big!!!!!!! That kid's a dope producer, and he's repping China hard. Well Done. Large Up the one Chase

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