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This Week's Tickets: Mr. Big, Robb Bank$, the London Symphony, and More
By Jun 11, 2018 Nightlife


Right this way, ladies and gentlemen, for your weekly update on upcoming ticketed events in Shanghai. This week, we're looking forward to arena hair metal band Mr. Big (really!), post punks Protomartyr, a Qiandao Lake bike trip, and the usual cavalcade of orchestral and classical performances. Click through for details.


June 11 and June 12

Experience-led production collective Beyond The Bund is delighted to announce the release of their 2nd Chinese Whispers Chapter: The Tempest. Following the success of the first Chapter 'Stories Before Me,' sharing stories of growing up behind the glamorous backdrop of 1930’s Shanghai, Chapter 2 sees Diana Wang continue her tale: born to an aristocratic family, learning ballet and piano, before misfortunes and tumult led to her living in a mud-brick house and performing back-breaking labor year-round. She's studied languages, experienced three marriages, worked as a nanny, a teacher, a cleaner, a farmer and a singer, never losing her touch of elegance, or her faith in destiny. Her story will accompanied by the lyrical movements of award winning Russian twin dancers Maria and Nadia Gudenko, in a performance put together by music producer Mackey. Tickets available right here.

June 12 to July 1

Daily until Jul 1 2018

Cyrille Aimee Quartet

Jazz at Lincoln Center Shanghai - 4/F, 139 Nanjing Dong Lu, near Jiangxi Zh...

French vocalist Cyrille Aimee has been called a "rising star in the galaxy of jazz singers" by the New York Times, a blend of Michael Jackson and Sarah Vaughan, for her moving, soft but powerful improvisational singing style. Coupled with her sparkling, creative, upbeat personality, she's been captivating audiences worldwide ever since winning the Montreux Jazz Festival Competition in 2007. She's bringing her quartet to Shanghai's Jazz at the Lincoln Center for nearly two weeks this summer, with Israeli/New York drummer Dani Danor, young piano prodigy Hila Kulik, Italian double-bass player (and rising composer) Matteo Bortone, and New Yorker Wayne Tucker on trumpet. Tickets available right here.

June 14 and June 15

Daily until Jun 15 2018

Noseda, Bronfman and London Symphony Orchestra

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall - 1380 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Baoqing Lu

The London Symphony Orchestra is handing acclaimed Spanish conductor Gianandrea Noseda the baton and American pianist Yefim Bronfman the piano for this special performance. Noseda has served as Music Director of the Teatro Regio Torino since 2007, marking an era of international acclaim for the orchestra for its productions, tours, recordings, and film work. Yefim Bronfam has been captivating his audiences with his vigorous and firm style, perfect virtuosity and full understanding to music, recently off 2017 MISA where he wowed the hall with his rendition of Brahm's Piano Concerto No.2. The London Symphony Orchestra, of course, needs no introduction. This constellation of musical stars will be coming together for two moving nights of music. On Thursday, they'll be performing pieces from Dvořák, Liszt and Shostakovich, while Friday sees them play Ravel, Beethoven and Mussorgsky. Not one to be missed by fans of classical virtuosity. Tickets available right here.

June 15

on Fri Jun 15 2018


Modern Sky Lab - 3/F, 188 Ruihong Lu, near Tianhong Lu

A quartet from Nantes discovered in 2010, Babel's untraditional take on traditional guitar, cello, French lyrical cadence, keyboards, mixed with electronic music, turntable scratches, jazz, hip-hop and just about whatever else they want, embodies their free-spirited style. Their diverse sounds meld seamlessly into a surprisingly powerful sound, with songs like "Tu Mens," "Solo" and "Climb The Tower." They're coming to ModernSky Lab following the 2017 release of their EP Disponible, which has recently been filling their schedule with harder-to-define acts. This is definitely one of those. Their lyrics, sometimes sung, sometimes rapped, is filled with metaphors about society, life, death and the universe. Heady, heady stuff. Tickets available right here.

on Fri Jun 15 2018

Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue Live

Elevator - 4/F, 218 Xinle Lu, near Donghu Lu

In 2016, Swedish DJ Marcus Henriksson, better known as Minilogue, played at dART's TEKNEST Festival, as the rain was pouring down on Beijing's Bird's Nest. His sound drove away all the gloom and people danced like maniacs in a waterfall. It was miraculous. Maybe it's just like he says; "This part of the rave heritage is always with me: having an experience of soul and inner images during dancing.” He's delved deep into the esoteric forms of trance and electronic since his start 1993, drawing on his experiences with meditation, shamanism and mysticism. In a quarter-century he's produced 6 albums and over 80 vinyl singles with the likes of Sebastian Mullaert, and his first (!!) solo album, "ElectromagiO," is on its way. Now he's back in China, bringing his colorful, tribal, psychedelic and hypnotic touch to Elevator. Good night for dancing. On support we've got MIIIA and Max Shen. Tickets available right here.

on Fri Jun 15 2018

Bar Rouge pres. DJ MK

Bar Rouge - Bund 18, 7/F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, nea...

Producer, remixer and DJ, MK drops into Bund favorite Bar Rouge. His roots are pure Detroit, but he’s also known for seamless transitions from house and techno to hip-hop and R&B, only to return to house during recent years. Coming off production credits for Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, and Pitbull, MK is currently finalizing his long awaited artist album, which includes collaborations with vocalists Becky Hill, Milly Pye, Anabel Englund, and a host of others. Tickets available right here.

June 16

on Sat Jun 16 2018

Split Works pres. Protomartyr

YYT - 851 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan'an Xi Lu (Entrance ...

Fans of angular, bleak, intelligent, labyrinthine post-punk, take note; Splitworks are bringing Protomartyr to the OG Yuyintang. The Detroit-based quartet built themselves up on the back of intense live performances, their music asking big, hard questions about the meaning of life, truth and the human condition. With front-man Casey alternating between dead-eyed recitations and ferocious barks, it's dark, but not stand-offish; there's a spark of meaning in a senseless world to be found if you listen close. They're in Shanghai off the back of their first album with British indie label Domino, release in 2017 to widespread acclaim. Deadly Cradle Death and RUBUR on support. Tickets available right here.

on Sat Jun 16 2018

Never Young Beach Asia Tour: Live in Shanghai

Bandai Namco Dream Hall - 179 Yichang Lu, near Jiangning Lu

Regarded by some as the resurgence of Haruomi Hosono’s legendary Japanese folk rock group Happy End, never young beach has seized the Japanese music scene with its unique pop melody and down-to-earth lyrics, combining native Japanese sounds with American indie music. Formed in Tokyo in 2014, their first two albums "Yashinoki House" and "fam fam" were nominated for the CD Shop Awards. They've gone on to perform at various large festivals and . The release tour for 2017's "A Good Time," was sold out in 11 cities, and they invited Devendra Banhart to perfrom as a special guest. They're hitting Shanghai's Bandai Namco Hall for the first time as part of their Asia tour. If you want a bit of that uniquely feel-good Japanese indie tune, this is not one to miss. Tickets available right here.

June 17

on Sun Jun 17 2018

Mr. Big China Tour 2018

Modern Sky Lab - 3/F, 188 Ruihong Lu, near Tianhong Lu

Mr. Big! Gods of big hair, big clenched-fist-eyes-closed vocal harmonies and big hard rock anthems, this American supergroup formed in 1988 and racked up Rock Hall fame and fortune with hits like "Wild World," "Alive and Kicking," "Just Take My Heart" and the massive rock ballad "To Be With You." As the planets align, they've come together for another studio album and a road tour; recorded in just six days, Defying Gravity was released in June 2017, calling back to their slick guitar and vocal-driven hard and blues-rock roots. The original line-up of Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheean (sadly drummer Pat Torpey passed away earlier this year) are hitting the Mainland for a China Tour, with a stop in Shanghai at Modernsky Lab. Get your lighters out! Ooh, baby, it's a wild world! Tickets available right here.

on Sun Jun 17 2018

The Plug pres. Robb Bank$

Arkham - B1/F, 168 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Yi Lu

Robb Bank$, born Richard O'Neil Burrel, is a Florida-based hip hop artist born in the golden age of hip hop to a dancehall king. Starting out in 2012 as an 18-year-old with his debut tape "Calendars," a lo-fi, drugged-out rap tribute that embodied the early 2010s, he's gone on to release a raft of EPs, mixtapes and albums. The latest, "Molly Word," came out this year to general acclaim for tracks like "I Need A 2nd" and "Ride Wit Me." He's kept his style true to that blissed-out South Florida rap sound, and his lyrics are as raw as ever. SHFT's bringing him to China on a three-city tour, with support by Young Dragon, culminating in a one-night show at Arkham. Tickets available right here.

June 16 to June 18

Daily until Jun 18 2018

Green Escape Weekend at Qiandao Lake

SmSh Territory - Shanghai

Take a weekend retreat away from the city to recharge at the Narada five-star garden hotel, next to Zhejiang's beautiful "Thousand Islands Lake." Enjoy two days of outdoor activities, like kayaking and biking, as well as more intensive trainings for those who want to work up a sweat in the clean air. There'll be morning yoga and stretching by the poolside on Saurday, and high-intensity morning training on Sunday, as well as local cuisine and a full-on barbecue. Perfect way to detox. The three-day trip starts at 7pm on Friday and returns to Shanghai on Sunday at 8pm. The price includes transportation, travel insurance, food packs, hotel stay (double occupancy), yoga and gym teachers, meals, equipment rental, a buffet breakfast and access to the indoor-outdoor pool and gym at the hotel. Tickets available right here.




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