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[Booze News]: New Bars for Before, During and After May Holidays

By Apr 26, 2019 Nightlife


Never a dearth of new places to drop red ones on cocktails. Some deserve dedicated articles. Some go into round-ups like this. We've got Cypher on Xiangyang Nan Lu, reminding us why speakeasies suck, then the two new Spots that will replace the original (not original original) Spot in May, and we've thrown in a decent one called Soul Sacred Space, just to balance out the pH. Plus, couple of scurrilous rumors on incoming projects. All in various states of openness! If your liver desires fresh tribute...



You may have seen Cypher if you follow the SmSh instagram. It was the very instagrammable multi-colored corridor behind a mirrored wall in a very clean cafe called "Foreplay." Aha. Hah. The Willy Wonka tunnel doesn't match the subdued vibe inside, and their eponymous cocktail tastes like dry corn and used coffee grounds. But man that corridor got crazy clicks! That's open now.



On the other side of the scale, Soul Sacred Space looks like a modernist chapel complete with a font outside. Tasteful. Elegant. Then we went back and they'd added a lot of wacky neon piping. Fuck. At least the drinks are great. Try the Mezroni. It's a negroni with mezcal. Genius, 10/10, would pay 98rmb again. The Taiwanese bartender is big on mezcal, gin, and shots. They have an entire double-page spread dedicated to three-five shot flights paired with a bite like tiramisu gel or miso apple slice. They're also chilled to an absurd degree, which makes the flavors hard to discern. Intriguing, even when they miss. That's open now, official opening right as you read this.



On a completely different set of scales used exclusively by foreign businessmen over 45, The Spot will turning into two Spots after May 9. To quote a past article:

How can we met at "The Spot" when there are TWO FUCKIN' SPOTS, MAN, COME ON.

The original Spot, itself originally Malone's, has been retaken by the landlord, who want to use the Spot as offices. They're shtoom about what differences, if any, there'll be between the two new Spots. The first Spot will open on a second floor spot over Judy's new spot at 329 Tongren Lu. The second Spot's spot is at 152 Tongren Lu, near Yun Italia's old spot. That'll open on June 8.

Scurrilous Rumors

Daniel An's barrel-aging something in the spot that used to be Urban Diner. He's managed to turn it around pretty quick: opening sometime after Labor Day. Probably end up drinking there!

The space that was EQ Yanping has been reabsorbed into the Shanghai ecosystem and will be returning as a new bar from a Shanghai-famous chef and a Shanghai-famous bartender. Wow, so vague! I was given the choice of revealing either the location or the personalities involved, and everyone knows location matters more than personalities. Sorry, you two. Kisses!


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