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Unico Three Year Anniversary & Free Booze Alert
By Sep 15, 2015 Nightlife
Fix up, look sharp, Bund kids. Unico is turning three tonight. Hey that's no easy feat -- just ask CUVAE , M18 , Just On The Bund, Horizon, Cirque Le Soir, Jack London, Shanghai Rose, Pasul, Zeal and whatever replaced it for about two weeks, or any of the other Bund spots that opened and closed in the last three years. Anyway, here's the deal with Unico's birthday celebrations, including some free mojitos on Tuesday…

From 8.30-9.30pm tonight at their weekly Royal El Tuesday party, they're serving up free-flow Champagne Royal mojitos. Those are 100rmb for two glasses for the rest of the night, too. Then there's La Reunion kicking out the live Latin jams until 11.30pm, followed by DJ S.KIV. No cover.

Then on Wednesday, they've got the nominally '90s NYC themed Nu Yorkia party, which is more of a deep jazz, free soul, and hip hop [house music] kind of affair.

Thursday night they're telling a "Funky Soul Story". According to the flyer, expect tunes by Funkadelic, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Fela Kuti, and… Absolut Vodka.

Then on Friday they're bringing in male dancer duo Les Twins, two dudes who have toured with Missy Elliott, Beyonce, Timbaland, and Dr. Dre. Expect jazz, hip hop, and contemporary dance coming together over house music and maybe some latin / hip hop jams.

Finally (will this ever stop?? it's like one long teppanyaki in hell) on Saturday, they're doing their Amazoonia party, where people dress up as animals.

Tuesday and Saturday should be the biggest jams. We'll be out there on Tuesday taking photos as well so you can revel in regret. Remember, Unico does enforce a dress code -- no shorts or sandals for bros. Hats off.


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