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[Weekend Mixtape]

[Weekend Mixtape #5]: Do Hits, Of Montreal, Korean Trap, and Beijing Techno

By Aug 11, 2016 Nightlife


"Club nights, one of the reasons I love life." -- Clipse

Here's songs by six of the DJs / producers / cliques playing clubs in Shanghai this weekend. Big weekend, especially Sunday. Tunes are all on Soundcloud, so hit the VPN.

1. "I Loved You" by Blonde, who plays Le Baron on Thursday

Throwback to '90s piano house, but with poppy, modern sheen, a la Disclosure. If that's not your bag, they've got ice cream downstairs on the street.

2. "Remember My Name" by Chace, who plays Arkham on Friday

That 17-year-old producer from Jiangsu we wrote about last month -- he's back from Tomorrowland and playing Arkham on Friday with his crew.

3. "It G MA Remix" PRODUCED by juniorchef , who plays Reel to Reel on Friday

The producer who makes beats for Jay Park, Keith Ape, and the "Underwater Gang" comes through the Xintiandi club for some Korean trap.

4. "One Night in Beijing" by Mickey Zhang, who plays Elevator on Saturday

One of Beijing's original house DJs plays Elevator for the release of his new EP, "The Root." Must-see for people into China house / techno club history.

5. "Shanghai", REMIXED by Howie Lee, who plays Le Baron on Sunday afternoon

The boss of China's premiere label for bass music, Do Hits, does an afternoon on the terrace with Lin Feng, Damacha, and Billy Starman. Don't sleep on this one. Check out his Boiler Room set for a taste, and some freaking out on the soundman.

5. "My Fair Lady" by Of Montreal, who play Mao Livehouse on Sunday

Must-see show of the month for live indie dance / glam psychedelica. These guys have been in the game for over a decade, and judging by this latest release, they've still got it.

Bonus Round

Blips and bloops from one of Shanghai's finest producers. He's also playing the Do Hits party on Sunday.


For more club nights, parties, and music, check our event listings. If you're searching for live music, check out Sacco's Weekly Live Music Guide.



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