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Weekly Live Music Guide: Jazz, Sichuan Folk, Iron Maiden, Scandinavians, and Alberta Metal

By Apr 25, 2016 Nightlife


Guess maybe JZ Club needs a new location. Their show with LMT connection on Saturday was so packed that even the staircase was full. Seriously hazardous. Had to evacuate on out of there. Man, if I ended up dying in a jazz club I'd never be able to live with myself.

The iconic club is closing and moving on May 15, but they've got several gigs this week, including the JZ spring festival this weekend and International Jazz Day on Saturday. There's a ton of other live music on too, including the start of festival season with shows by Disclosure, The Prodigy, and... Backstreet Boys.


Of course, Tuesday is the lords of English metal Iron Maiden at the Benz Arena. If I would miss that one, I’d never live it down. Not much more to say about this one right here. You've got tickets or you don't. Up the IRONS. Enough said.

Quick recommendation before we get into the rawwwk stuff: On Friday, we have a special MHP album release party for Shanghainese techno producer MHP, whose Folding Traces LP is out on Douban’s D-Force Records. He'll be accompanied by a live saxophone and trombone for his set.

For this week’s top picks I’ve got a few gigs you may not have heard about but sound promising. Rock 'n' roll. Hootchie koo.

Moxi Zi Shi

Tuesday, April 26nd @ On Stage

A big Tuesday folk night booking for On Stage as Sichuan singer / songwriter Moxi Zi Shi performs. Known for singing in the Yi dialect this guy packs 'em in at every honky tonk from Chengdu to Chongqing. If you are looking for a Chinese music experience that's a little more down to earth then the average local pop cover band, then this show is for you. Door charge is 120rmb and starts early at 8:30pm.

First Hate, Death Team, and Secret Guest

Thursday, April 28th @ Yuyintang

Live show series "Spectacles of Sound" returns to Yuyintang with a fresh batch of their usual Scando fan fare. This time around, they have the Danish darkwave synth act First Hate. First Hate really get down on the whole living the dark synth life style out there in the forest, as seen here in their recent music video for Holy Contagion. The bill is oddly paired up with Swedish bubble gum rap group Death Team. With lines like “D.I.Y., Dolphin Style, Gimmie Gimmie Likes” what could go wrong? Then there is a big “secret guest” promised that I’m guessing is related to one of the many music festivals hitting town next week. This Spectacles of Sound show is a decent price at 60rmb and starts at 9pm.

The Order of Chaos

Friday, April 29th @ Inferno

Coming out of the northern wastelands of Alberta, Canada to Shanghai’s doorstep is The Order of Chaos. Next to maple syrup and poutine fries, The Order of Chaos is one of Canada’s best exports running. Lead by buxom signer Amanda Kiernan, the band is comprised of dueling guitars, blaring bass, and ear piercing drums from the machine known as Tim Prevost. They are in China playing the Midi Festival with bands like Suffocated, Scream Maker, and Veil of Maya. Check them out Friday in the more intimate environment of Inferno with metalcore outfit Must Be Red. The door charge is 100rmb and show starts at 9pm.

The Order of Chaos – Apocalypse Moon

Horns up Shanghai. Horns up.


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