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Zhangyuan Refugees: Where Are They Now?
By May 9, 2019 Nightlife
In the middle of April, Zhangyuan Plaza/Plaza 99 got the redevelopment treatment. The boom came down, the construction crews arrived, and now you can't even pass through the neighborhood. So what's happened to the people there that served food, booze, and most importantly, coffee? So far, only one has actually managed to bounce back again. Popular coffeeshop Small Arms Big Heart is back, in the form of a stall inside an ISETAN on the fifth floor of a mall. Yikes.


Just this February, the Penguin Guide called Small Arms Big Heart "Shanghai's best coffeeshop" (a brass-balls assertion considering how many there are), which turned it into an overnight sensation among the photogenic influencer demographic. Bright, airy courtyard seating right on the gate, lots of natural light, plenty of foot traffic, all the mod cons, walking distance from a metro. Now it looks like this.


Ouch. A stall in a corner of a shop on the fifth floor of Westgate Mall. That's gotta sting. Even the Honeymoon Desert behind it looks nicer. But hey, at least they're already open. They were mum about plans for another spot, but we can't imagine this is where they plan to end up indefinitely.


There's hope for some of their fellow refugees. Tomatito has clinched the old T8 spot, also in a mall, while Logan's Punch will be taking over the old Kaiba spot on Wuding Lu. That's probably going to be coming around... midsummer? Maybe? Good luck out there, guys!


Other Zhangyuan News

Inside sources (mystery! intrigue!) confirm that the old nakedHub building at 89 Taixing Lu (Little Catch, Taoker) will also be getting the redevelopment treatment. This Zhangyuan thing is just turning into a fountainhead of content. Stay tuned, we'll be milking it dry, just like the district authorities. Zing!

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