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Where to Get Christmas Trees, Decorations, and Stuff
Season's greetings, dear friends. Trees. Garlands. Wreaths. Ornaments. It's not really Christmas without them.
By Dec 7, 2017 Shopping
Seems like there's been a real shortage of real, actual, genuine Christmas trees this year. But some Christmas tree vendors are still chopping wood and hammering out prices. Keep coming by as we log in the details.

Updated December 7, 2017

Trees and More

Au Nom de la Rose

122 Jianguo Xi Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu View ListingTaxi Printout


French import shop Au Nom De La Rose will have a pretty wide variety of trees from 1.2 to 2.5m tall ranging in price from 580rmb to 1,300. Only real trees, but they’ll have pre-decorated trees on offer standing at same height and costing 800rmb to 2,500. They've also got plenty of smaller ones, and probably the nicest window-display of the downtown shops! Unfortunately, they don't sell tree decorations separately. Wreaths are about 40cm wide and cost 280rmb. Delivery within 5km is 80RMB for trees below 2m, 200RMB for above 2m.


Ruby's Party

1/F Zhidi Building, 201 Chengjiaqiao Zhi Lu, near Hongz... View ListingTaxi Printout

Ruby's emporium of seasonal doohickeys and thingamubobs is in full Christmas swing. This year they're doing a 50% off sale on pretty much everything. They're also selling fake trees, ranging from 1.2m-2.1m for green ones, or 1.5m-2.1m for colored ones. That means black, silver, gold, white and frosty (sparkling white?) ones! Green ones go from 50-150rmb, the colored for 100-180rmb. With half-price off that's... a real bargain, actually. Ornaments a-plenty, bells, mixed bags of ornaments, Christmas wreaths, tree decorations, etc. Larger tree decorations go for 25rmb each, bags of ornaments for 20rmb each, and they've got all kinds of package deals and the like.

Wan Qun Florist

225 Yongjia Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu View ListingTaxi Printout


Old stalwart Wan Qun, the last hold-out on that stretch of Shaanxi Nan Lu, has finally shut down, moving to Yongjia Lu. Here, they sell real trees, Chinese pines, to be exact, starting from next week. 1.6m for 200rmb, 1.8m for 300rmb, 2m for 400rmb. Limited stock, so be quick. Delivery's pretty much mandatory, as trees aren't available in the store. You're going to have to organize it with the shopkeepers, whose English is rudimentary. It's free within 3-4km, 30-50rmb for 5-8km, 100rmb for 10km or above. They've also got a modest array of Christmas ornaments on sale; garlands, lanterns, Christmas ornaments, etc. A few kuai per item. Christmas wreaths are also available, but it depends on the stock. They also sell those little Christmas plants with the red leaves. Ponsettia? Christmas Cactus?


These things. Don't let your dog eat 'em. Or your kids.

IKEA (Puxi)

126 Caoxi Lu, near Zhongshan Xi Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Sweden knows how to Christmas. Unfortunately, they're not selling real Christmas trees. Fakes one aplenty! 1.5m for 199rmb, 1.8m for 349rmb, 2m for 599rmb. Delivery; starts at 59rmb for downtown, from 89rmb for further away, and from 139rmb for places like Baoshan. Poor Baoshan. Don't they have trees they can just cut down out there? They've got so many ornaments. Ornaments for all the Advent Days. Steamers, garlands and the like go for like 25rmb for a package, Christmas balls hang at 40rmb for 40 (though they're small at only 7cm), stars, lights, streamers, wreaths, the works.

Holiday House (Anting)

No. 101, Gate 4, Lane 355 Beiande Lu, near Anyong Lu View ListingTaxi Printout


The house of wonders, trinkets and merriment in that deserted housing complex in Anting is still worth the trip for the hardcore holiday homemaker. No real Christmas trees in 2017 (a common thread this year). Instead, fake ones. Sizes: 0.5-2 meters tall. Different materials available, prices ranging from 45rmb to about 200rmb. Delivery is about 50rmb, more if you're far away. Christmas wreaths also available for between 29rmb-160rmb. All kinds of ornaments available; light-up snowmen, Christmas lights, tree ornaments, lawn ornaments, whimsical polar bear and Santa statues, tinsel, bells, tree skirts, light up stars... the works. All those range from as little as 5rmb to 35rmb and up. Seriously, it's like a million things.

The Graces Floral

Kerry Parkside, L181, 1398 Huamu Lu, near Meihua Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Graces Floral's still selling real (Chinese-grown) Christmas trees. Prices depend on the size and height; 1.5m start at 900rmb, 1.8m are about 1,200rmb, 2m around 1,800rmb. Head on down to pick one out, or just ask them to deliver straight to your door if you're the risk-taking type. Delivery is free for the downtown, 30rmb for Pudong, 60rmb for the likes of Jiading and Baoshan. A bit short on ornaments, and they're ambiguous on prices. Graces Floral has some unconventional wreath designs; it's about 300-700rmb for one of their arrangements, depending on the size.

Annie's Florist

264 Madang Lu, near Zizhong Lu View ListingTaxi Printout


Annie’s Florist (now known as Annie's Dream) will have Christmas trees for sale, but only small ones (30-40cm) that’ll costs you between 400-500rmb. They're imported from Holland, don't you know. You can get your tree delivered around town for 20rmb, but if you’re in Pudong expect a higher fee (40-50rmb). They only got the real thing at Annie's. No artificial trees here (except for the avant-garde arrangement in the window that goes for like 5,000rmb), nor will there be decorations. There are some similarly avant Christmas wreaths up for grabs, the smallest at 20cm for 200rmb, the largest 40cm for 300-400rmb.


Secret Garden

Gubei Carrefour, 3/F, 268 Shuicheng Nan Lu, near Yan'... View ListingTaxi Printout

1/F, Jinqiao Carrefour, 555 Biyun Lu, near Yunshan Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Secret Garden has two locations, and they're both selling real Christmas trees... but they're a measly 50-80cm tall. 55cm will cost you 320rmb, 70 will cost you 500rmb. Think of all the space you're saving! They also sell fake trees, 1.5m for 180rmb, 1.7m for 260rmb. They've also got more expensive fake trees that look like authentic pines (if you don't lean too close). Those are pricier; 1.5m for 320rmb,1.7m for 460rmb, 2.1m for 950rmb, 2.4m is between 1,000-2,000rmb. They also sell packages of Christmas ornaments; a package for 180rmb comes with tree ornaments. Package for 360rmb includes way more hand-painted Christmas balls, ribbons, garlands and hang-able pinecones. Christmas wreaths too; 360rmb for 27-30cm diameter for a fake one, 25cm diameter made-in-China-pine for 280rmb, 25cm imported wreaths for 350rmb.

The Tree Markets

Caojiadu Flower Market

33 Wanhangdu Hou Lu near Changshou Lu View ListingTaxi Printout


A large, multi-storey market on Wanhangdu Hou Lu (careful to distinguish between that and just regular Wanhangdu Lu), this place comes down to the individual sellers. From what we've gathered, there are some shops selling Chinese-grown pines, including one called Dinghui Florist we called up. They were still hammering out prices. Sizes vary as well, as do delivery rates and distances. The market has stalls selling real Christmas wreaths; 70-80rmb for a 30-40cm job. Fake ones go for 50-60rmb. Fake trees are also available (naturally, it's a market), with an option for pre-decorated: you can get a 1.5m fake tree that's already been gussied up for you for about 2,000rmb.

Ornaments? Oh yeah. All kinds. Prices range from a few kuai to a couple hundred, depending.

Hongqiao Bird and Flower Market

718 Hongjing Lu, near Hongsong Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Hongqiao Bird and Flower Market's a bit more of a rustic experience but they've got plenty of sellers there. Some of them even sell real trees, for which you'll likely have to pay a pretty penny. Last year, a two-meter imported tree was about 2,000rmb including the pot. Since it seems like there's been a bit of a shortage in the usual shops this year, the prices might be higher. You're far more likely to come across fake trees; 2.1m trees can go for as much as 500rmb, 2.4m ones for as much as 700rmb. Delivery would be down to the individual shop-seller. Plenty of decorations and Christmas wreaths available, though.

Yu Garden

137 Anren Jie, near Fuyou Lu View ListingTaxi Printout


Hardly bears mentioning but the Yu Garden Bazaar also usually has a selection of garlands, ornaments, fake trees, etc. If you want to make a day trip of it, you can always go to Yiwu, where the rest of the world buys its Chistmas decor in bulk. Here is more info if you want to make a holiday pilgrimage.

Just Ornaments

Madame Mao's Dowry

207 Fumin Lu, near Julu Lu View ListingTaxi Printout


Mo' money, mo' decorations! Everyone loves decorations! Class-act go-to Madame Mao’s Dowry has got some Christmas ornaments available, specifically, Christmas tree balls emblazoned with the sort of iconography you can expect at Madame Mao's. Those go for 100rmb a pop, but they're just the thing to help balance the bourgeoise-ness of your tree. They’re also selling Christmas socks for the same price. Also, a lot of their stuff is already earthy red and brown tones, perfect for cozy Christmas eves.


1/F, No. 3, Lane 1288 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Xiangyang ... View ListingTaxi Printout

If you'd prefer to just, y'know, make your own ornaments, but hate Krazy Glue and glitter, here's something. Make your own Crochet Christmas decorations in a workshop at Craft’d. You’ll be provided with the patterns to make a Christmas tree, heart, or star for decorating a tree, or to throw up somewhere around your living room. The class costs 250rmb, includes yarn, a hook, and instructions to keep—but this class is not meant for beginners, so you should have some crocheting experience (they do offer a beginners class). This workshop is set for Sunday, December 10 from 10am-4pm. Check out all workshops on their site. Highlights include a boozy make-your-own Christmas sweater craft club session.

The Christmas Markets

These tend to pop-up in all kinds of places, including at schools and so on. Good spot to browse for Christmas ornaments if you're going to one anyway. You can check out our full list of them here. Good prospects for knick-knacks like snowglobes and Christmas bells at the Jing'an Christkindlmarkt, which'll be running until December 17. Maybe head there earlier in the day to avoid getting a mug of fortified gluhwein in the forehead.

Finally, just in case it still needs saying, there's always Taobao. A bit cheaper, a bit riskier, a bit more authentically "Christmas in China."



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