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This Month in SmartReviews: "A Magical Michelin Contender" and So So Much More...

By Aug 1, 2019 SmartShanghai


Did you know SmartShanghai has a roving team of more than a dozen paid reviewers who are out there in the city, picking over what restaurants have to offer and writing a combined 50+ reviews per month? They're our SmartReviewers, tearing our city's dining scene apart and then putting it back together again. This month alone they visited everywhere from Montreal smoked meat shop Tock’s, where they found the food “anticlimactic” and “dessicated” to Shake Shack (“overhyped” and “soggy-bottomed”) and then Pure & Whole which was “purely bland and wholly uninspiring”. It wasn’t all negative! In fact, they liked way more places than they panned this month. What else have they been saying?

Ten Places They Liked

Rye & Co, for breaking the stereotypes of mall-style dining. Read the full review here.

Polux, for French comfort food that hits all the right notes. Read BOTH reviews, here and here.

Urban Grill, a Mediterranean treasure waiting to be discovered. Read the full review here.

Oldie but goodie The Commune Social, de-formalizing fine dining. Read the full review here.

Low-key fish spot Haiyu Sushi, the best sushi with no frills and no filter. Read the full review here.

Saigon Mama for being a reliable old faithful of pho. Read the full review here.

Yan Yu Hua Xiang, a Hunan restaurant in SML Plaza with amazing food. Read the full review here.

Botanik, a magical Michelin contender. Read the full review here.

Breakfast Company for brunch done right. Read the full review here.

Egg, for bright, happy brunching and eggs on or in everything. Read the full review here.

A Few They Didn't Like

Soup dumpling champion Jia Jia Tangbao, which wasn’t bad, but definitely didn’t live up to its reputation as the best in town. Read the full review here.

Slurp! for being cramped, the waitstaff for being clueless and the kitchen for being out of 30% of the dishes. Read the full review here.

Sproutworks in Xintiandi for serving up a “tasteless meal”. Read the full review here.

That's just a taste. Want more SmartReviews? Read them all right here.



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