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Day Trips And Travel Destinations Close To Shanghai…For Those Who Waited Too Long
By Sep 30, 2014 Travel
Hey let's face it, if you haven't booked a plane ticket yet, that probably ain't happening. That doesn't mean you can't travel though. Luckily we have a bunch of travel guides for trips just an hour or two from downtown.

Some of these are even accessible by metro...

Chongming Island: - Really chill island with wetland parks, bike riding, and solid home-cooked food.

Binjiang Forest Park: Light camping, BBQ zones, a pretty mental experience.

Fengjing Town: The water town you haven't heard of. The place where all the xiao long baos come from.

Daguanyuan: Red mansions, grand views, water, pagodas.

Zhouqiao: A temple museum, pagoda, gardens, and quaint streets. Accessible by metro.

Links Hot Springs Resort: Just a hotel with some hot springs and golf courses in Jiangsu. They might have some deals on rooms as it's not that cold yet.

Qingdao: Ok this is actually a six-hour train ride from Shanghai, and you'd probably wanna wait until a few days into the holiday to take a train anywhere, but Qingdao is great. Seafood, old European architecture, clean air, beaches, and chill folks. And beer.

Just go somewhere. Really -- your sanity depends on it.

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  • 2 years ago serkan Unverified User

    Links are dead :/

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