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Shelter Robbed By Eight Students. They Have 72 Hours To Turn Themselves In Or…
By May 18, 2015 SmSh


"Bad boys, bad boys...whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"

Alright, this email comes directly from Gaz a.k.a. Mr. Friendly at basement club The Shelter, and we quote:

"So last Monday night/Tuesday morning (12th May) around 4.30am group of 8 young people, 6 male and 2 female, decided to kick in the door of The Shelter and rob us. Its taken us a while to figure this one out, but we have come to the conclusion that they were incredible thirsty, possible chronic dehydration, as all they wanted was a few bottles of champagne (yes, Shelter has champagne) and a few bottles of spirits. Their thirst was so intense that they didn’t even think of hiding their faces in front of the cameras inside and outside of the club, and the consequences of breaking and entering as well as the theft weren’t even considered, they just had to quench their dry mouths.

Now we are very shocked and angry about this, and although for the first couple of days we were planning the destruction of these 8 people, we have taken a week to think this one over and to also consult the local police. Although we want these people to be punished for their actions, the police have told us this is a very serious offense and if caught (by the police) face some time in jail before their inevitable deportation. This is not seen as opportunistic theft, this is seen as a premeditated break in and serious theft.

We feel like these 8 people are probably just young idiots, possibly students, and they had been trying to quench their thirst with large amounts of alcoholic beverages before they decided to kick in the door of our lovely Shelter. We believe that their jail time and deportation may be rather harsh and create serious effects on their future, and although their future isn’t really a major concern to us, we don’t want to ruin peoples lives for the sake of a few bottles of alcohol. We all do stupid things when we have consumed large amounts of alcohol, though usually not this stupid.

XuHui district, and most of Shanghai, is covered in street cameras and the police have given us access to these cameras if we need. The thing is, if we access these cameras the incident becomes official police business and these 8 people will face the full consequences of their actions. We have decided that before we take this route, we will give these 8 people 72 hours to come forward so we can deal with this internally and the police need not be involved. If after 72 hours no one has contacted us from the group then we will hand this over to the police and they will access these cameras and find out exactly where they came from and where they went and take any action they deem necessary. Also, if anyone recognizes any of these people and would like to help us out with their identity we will reward them accordingly.

The police can and will find you if you do not contact us within 72 hours, and if the police have to come and find you the results will be way way worse than if you come to find us. So you 8 thirsty people, the choice is yours.".

End quote. That's what's up.


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  • 4 years ago javiergbabe

    Is not recorded when shelter´s doormen broke a bottle on a guy´s face?? I´ve never seen it posted on SmartShanghai.

  • 4 years ago ddsclub

    Why bother call the police, they love to deport low level white drunk trash!!. Help clean the city!!

  • 4 years ago shanghai_ultra

    Good on the Shelter for their enlightened response. What a bizarre crime.

    BTW It was a burglary , not a robbery :-)

  • 4 years ago shanghai_ultra

    @Javiergbabe If that happened he probably deserved it.

    Shelter's staff have to put up with so much shite from uppity fucks appalled by the idea of paying to get into a nightclub. I've personally witnessed the doormen take shocking abuse on multiple occasions.

  • 4 years ago handoogies

    I say deport trash like this and never let them back. Everyone has been absolutely trashed before, but it takes a special type of self entitled borderline psychopath to commit a B&E + burglary. Drunk white people are Shanghai's equivalent of poor urban youths causing trouble at night.

  • 4 years ago robjamdj

    Screw white people!

  • 4 years ago javiergbabe


    Trust me, I saw that, I know him and he didn´t deserve it at all. I think that nobody deserves violence btw, and less from doormen...

  • 4 years ago shanghai_ultra


    You're right. But those guys get a lot of abuse every weekend just for doing their job, absolutely no doubt about that.

  • 4 years ago calatrava

    I think they're bluffing about the police finding and punishing them. Unless they plan on handing out red envelopes in order to motivate them.

    And I'm unsure about the vigilante justice thing. I mean, what is Shelter gonna do? Human centipede these kids? Make them clean the toilets over the weekend?

  • 4 years ago moses

    Drunken heathens.

    Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts...

  • 4 years ago zmann999

    And the best comment award goes too 'Calatrava' "what is Shelter gonna do? Human centipede these kids? Make them clean the toilets over the weekend?" But really these kids did Break & Enter and if gets pushed on Chinese media I'm sure local people will be outraged.

  • 4 years ago Wave Manipulator

    Cleaning the Shelter toilets - a task fit for Herakles to prove himself this, the modern day Augean stables for sure.

  • 4 years ago MariBa

    Get over it and don't wine around here about it shelter. These people actually made you a favor cause if breaking in requires just kicking your door then... What can I say.
    Coolness level of shelter = 0

  • 4 years ago theminh

    Come on, this is like the most viral story for the Shelter! Great free media coverage!

  • 4 years ago GawainMcQueen


  • 4 years ago food reviewer

    whats the update then as 72 long hours has now passed

  • 4 years ago pujersey

    So what's up? No follow up what so ever?

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