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We Finally Fixed Our App

By Sep 11, 2013 SmSh


Remember how the SmSh iPhone App was really out of date and had all the old addresses for everywhere? We have finally rewritten a new one from scratch and it is now perfect in almost every way. And it's available, from today, as a free update for anyone who's ever bought the app in the past.

On the new version, every bar, restaurant, club, gallery, everything we have listed on SmartShanghai is stored in the app all the time, so you can pull up addresses and details wherever you are, whether you have a 3G or wifi connection or not.

That database of listings can be updated at any time so the app will always have the most up-to-date information from the SmSh website.

It's also location-based so you can search for places that are nearby, and do that by category. So you could search for the nearest wine bars, the nearest dessert places, the nearest art galleries, Hunan restaurants, Mexican joints, whatever you need. All that works offline, so you can use it in a cab or walking down the street, whether you have 3G or not.

The app has a news feed from our W!re, which will tell you all the gossipy shit going on in Shanghai. It also has events listed by day so you can see what's going on every night in Shanghai. That's searchable by category, so you can look for happy hours, ladies' nights, live music, art shows, brunch deals, and anything else on our site.

Everything's linked to listings with English and Chinese addresses, cab-driver displays and GoogleMaps (you just need wifi for the GoogleMap).

The app has longer guides on things like vintage clothes shopping, cheap eats, good date spots, the best yoga studios, where to buy and drink whisky, and some features on new bars and restaurants, all written by us, updated regularly and linked to maps and listings.

Then there's this new thing where you can take pictures of wherever you are, what you're eating and drinking, deals that you see, shots of bands, bars, people, or just stupid shit you see and upload it to the app to share with other users. Hit the "Social" tab to play with that.

To update to the new app, go to the App Store in your phone. Or go here to buy it for the first time. There may be a few bugs at first, as with all new apps. These will be ironed out over the next few weeks. But from here on in, updates will be regular and plentiful and free. At the moment it's just for iPhones. Sorry, Android users. We are part of Apple's global mafia.


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  • Ujin

    I was furious with you yesterday. Today I no longer think of you as thieves.

  • oscor

    when are you gonna take your head out of your own "Iphoned" ass?

  • jan86

    hi guys, great update, unfortunately you removed one of the most important features! Why can you no longer copy information from the addresses? before you could choose copy all above and send it on whatsapp etc.

    please put it back in!

  • alex

    Hi Jan,

    yes sorry for that, that's one of the bugs that will be fixed with the next updates in about two weeks. Thanks for your feebdack,


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