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Tech Wire: Who Is Astrill Anyway? Dark Days for VPNs
By Feb 27, 2014 SmSh
Woke up this morning and your VPN didn't work, right? Mei banfa bro. Astrill is down. Take this opportunity to read some more harmonious websites like this one. Or, ponder an important question…

Who exactly is Astrill. Does anyone actually know? We give them our credit card numbers and our email addresses, and then use their software to surf blocked sites. We channel all of our information through their server, and they could probably see this if they wanted. Our porn history, Amazon purchases, search history, dark net adventures, YouTube tangents, and Gmail account. In theory, Astrill could view and keep a record of this.

Seriously though, it's something to consider. Why isn't their site blocked in China? Why should we trust Astrill with all of our information? Is the need to get on Facebook so bad that we just say screw it, it's probably cool? Why does computer run slow after turning Astrill off? Is Astrill evil? Let us know what you think in the comments.

If you really need to get back on that open internet, here's a few other tools:

Other VPN Options:


Search Engines That Work Better Than Google:

Duck Duck Go

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  • 4 years ago danirlopez

    My favorite VPN is's the best! Fast, great customer service, pay in cash in Xuhui and it seems like it's never blocked.

  • 4 years ago unioz

  • 4 years ago Marcy Darcy

    For F* sake, is nobody able to survive a few days without Facebook, Wordpress and Youpor*? Are we that degenerated already?

    More drama please...

  • 4 years ago Justin Fischer

    It's not just an issue of social networking sites, Darcy. There are plenty of important sites that you can't access in China without a VPN, like the NY TImes and Bloomberg. Also, in my experience, Google, Gmail, and other non-blocked sites often lag indefinitely when a VPN isn't available. Not having a VPN can really be a productivity drain in China, especially if you're in the digital media industry....

  • 4 years ago reggae809

    They released a statement to the public today about that, it says: Dead Sirs or Madans , Astril is proud to offer you best service day day up up, Astril is safety and in no way storing information of you laowais to help China and revenger her humiliation when your country took advantage of her in the unfair treaties. Our servers will be down for a few days, sorry for your inconvenience. Make sure to fill out your name and address upon registering so we may find you for best service feature and repost any negative comments at least 500 times to make sure your message is heard by our 1.3 billion customers you so dearly crave. Sincerely, Shanghai Happy Lucky Golden Spring Flower Astrill Internet Monitoring and Security Agency - Xiao Wang Bieber, Sales Manager

  • 4 years ago Krusty

    StrongVPN has plenty of issues, but it's fun to Live Chat with the Russian girls who staff the customer service area.

  • 4 years ago aelephant

    I could be wrong, but I thought they are based on an island nation somewhere, like the Seychelles. As far as I know, these VPN services don't get shut down because they don't offer the service to Chinese folks, only to laowai. It wouldn't surprise me if they had to pay people off for the "privilege" of being able to do business.

  • 4 years ago Unverified User

    Search engines that work better than Google has a list of more than "0" websites? That's a very unrealistic approach to this issue. In addition, whoever believes that Google is just a search engine, that is just sad. Astrill has L2TP/IPsec if you want secure connections, no need to make anyone paranoid here.

  • 4 years ago Marcy Darcy

    You are right Justin, there are a few guys here depending on such tools. I still have my doubts that the whining mayority does.

  • 4 years ago XIR TMAI

    I got this thing going on where it says "wrong email or password entered"

    anyone else have this problem? can't seem to connect to their support (without a vpn)

  • 4 years ago chachachow

    Marcy you're still probably using an AOL email account so you wouldn't understand, but for the rest of us modernists using Gmail, it really is a drain on our mundane 9-5 lives.

  • 4 years ago ameriwen

    nice work reggae809

  • 4 years ago tonyluce

    VPNinja is definitely the way to go. Local support in Shanghai!

  • 2 years ago Sadaf Mehreen Unverified User

    Why shouldn't we ask the same questions for the VPNs you have recommended here...?
    Obviously every VPN would have been using almost similar techs to funnel the users privately to the restricted services then why these questions are only for one mentioned VPN???
    why not for all?

    It just seems to be the only marketing tactic for the other VPNs by using the brand name of a popular VPN....

    If you are suggesting others to think out of the box for one VPN then you should also suggest the same for the VPNs you have just mentioned here.

    I don't know WHO IS ASTRILL but at the same time I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO ARE YOU....

    Lastly, when one has to use a VPN ultimately; then why not Astrill??
    Astrill offers good services with even much lower price than HMA

    It is good because I have experienced it!

  • 1 year ago baby girl Unverified User

    Most stable VPN I ever had is Astrill, it tops other providers by far.

  • 12 months ago Ryan31

    Never had issues with Astrill so far. Been using this for almost a year now, works like a charm! I don't find them evil at all.

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