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Jump 360 Opens a New Location That Isn't a Million Miles Away


Purveyors of kiddie fun parks Jump 360, aka "that trampoline thing we wrote about you'd go to if it wasn't a million miles away" have opened a brand new springy funtopia near Yili Metro Station on Line 10. That's... not a million miles away! We went to expand our rubber grippy sock collection.


It's still 118rmb for an hour (more on that later), rubber-soled socks still cost 10rmb and you still have to sign a waiver that says it's your fault if you kill yourself. No deposit here, though! At least I didn't pay one. Quick and easy to get in.

Look at all these trampolines!




It's no 6,000 square meter warehouses, but there're trampoline basketball hoops, slides, a pumping pop soundtrack, neon flashing lights and a ton of trampolines. Plus a court for some sort of VR game. Didn't get to try that. Parkourists (parkourians? Parkourers) don't get your hopes up, the obstacle courses are short, kid-sized and not particularly difficult.


It feels very family-oriented. Lots of kids getting under your feet. Also a fair number of tweens on dates. The foam pits were especially treacherous, as they will completely swallow anyone under 1.5 meters. There was a dedicated attendant who spent most of his time hoisting eight-year-olds out by the scruff of the neck.


Still recommended for everyone. Some dudes found space to practice backflips before a rapt audience of twelve-year olds, the foam pits were a delightful foray into consequence-free airtime, the basketball hoops are high enough to challenge someone who's six foot something and it's a great vibe in there. Everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Remember fun?

Heartily recommend a stretch beforehand if you work a desk job and it's been years since you had fun.

Jump 360 (Xingyi Lu)

4/F, Xingyi Lu, near Gubei Lu View ListingTaxi Printout


Access is only via the entrance on Xingyi Lu. It was 118rmb for an hour when I went, though evidently that's the price for members, and the price sheet at the front suggests it should be 150rmb for non-members. I still payed 118rmb. It's 196rmb for two hours or 239rmb for three hours. "Guardian cards" cost 58rmb per hour, but don't allow jumping.

You can keep the socks.





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  • 1 year ago taiande

    I took the time to register an account just to leave this message. My wife injured her ankle very badly at this park's other location, despite not being reckless in any way. We have since met MANY people that have sustained serious injuries there, with similar stories.

    My wife injured herself nearly four months ago, and the damage to her ankle ligaments prevents her from walking normally even today. We must now consider surgery. Again, we have personally met several others with very similar stories. Be very careful, and sign that waiver at your own risk. It's a real shame, because it seems like it would be a lot of fun.

  • 1 year ago the other alex

    @taiande That really is a shame, we hope your wife's ankle heals fully and soon. Trampoline injuries are depressingly common, and absolutely zero fun. Approach with even excessive caution.

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