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[Self Help]: Fhiit Lab: Row. Lift. Run. Have Your Heart Rate Monitored. Throw Up a Little.


Brain meets brawn at Fhiit Lab where you can get a tech savvy work out, complete with a heart monitor. That's the central conceit with this workout: For the course of the session, your heart rate is monitored and projected on to a big screen, along with everyone else's. So that's... something different. Centered around running, lifting, and rowing the "Hiit" in Fhiit stands for high intensity interval training. The work out gets your heart rate up in short intense bursts for optimal calorie burning. Classes are offered in English and Chinese, dependent on the day. Read on for the sweaty details.


The Class

In the beginning of class you strap a light weight monitor to your breastbone that'll track your heart rate. By magic/science, the device immediately connects to the screens in the front of the room. The screen works to keep you focused on your heart rate and to track your own progress. The class is broken down into 3 rounds, and we start round 1 staggered at 2 different stations both led by Greg our instructor for the evening. Group 1 starts on the treadmill for a warm up jog topped off with a warm up sprint. Group 2 starts at free weights, targeting the lower body with lunges and squats. After about 8 minutes, we switch.

Screen at the front of the room shows everyone's heart rate throughout the class

Round 2 brings sprints on an inclined treadmill and rowing. For sprints, Greg gives us a target speed (3 different options, easy-medium-hard). 60-second sprint, cool down, 45-second sprint, cool down, another 45 second sprint. I take the easy option and it's still hard, my heart rate is very much up. We switch again, and now instead of free weights we use the rowing machines in the middle of the room. 250 rows, some ab work, repeat 3 times for beginners, 5 times for pros.

Round 3 brings more sprints and cool downs on a flat treadmill and muscle building exercises with free weights (with a focus on the upper body). At the end of round 3, we are guided through some quick stretches. In all the work out lasts a little over 50 minutes. Personal results are sent by WeChat, including a graph showing your heart rate through class and calories burned. The average is 500-1,000 calories (including “after burn”). My results were in the upper 500's — but also, there's the after burn.


Classes are a bit pricey, but the more you buy the more you save. A single class costs 220rmb, for five 215rmb a class, for ten 200rmb, and for twenty 180rmb.

Stuff You Should Know

The studio is nice, complete with complementary water, towels, and the smiling faces of friendly staff. The facility also has two showers so you can take their lunchtime class (12:15pm) and not smell. There are two trainers; Jack teaches class in Chinese, and Greg in English—for the schedule check their website or follow their official WeChat: FhiitLab.


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  • 2 years ago It's a load of Fhiiiiiit Unverified User

    Water rowers.....immediately loses all credibility as a serious fitness centre. Perhaps they could get a few recumbent exercise bikes as well.

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