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3 Upcoming Stage Shows for Kids of The Future
By Apr 13, 2017 Stage
Shanghai is getting three children's theater performances that utilize high-tech 3D imagery, animation, and other state-of-the-art multimedia to retell age-old stories, including Snow White and The Ugly Duckling. Definitely check these out if you want to see a fresh take on the classics with the kids. Details after the jump.


Snow White

Grand Theatre on April 22 and 23

DT Kids Theater pres. ‘Snow White’ The Shanghai Grand Theater hosts a stage production of Snow White fit for the 21st Century. This family-friendly tale has been given the multi-media 3D treatment with a state of the art multi-media stage that utilizes motion picture, animation, special effect and multi-media interaction set pieces to tell this timeless story. Great event for the whole family. Tickets from 180rmb.

Cinema Concert: The Odyssey of Rick the Cube

Himalayas Center on June 3

A “musical movie show” for kids (aged 4 and up) and adults, The Odyssey of Rick the Cube combines different animation techniques (a digital collage of photos and 3D elements ) with live music in the retelling of a classic story — The Ugly Duckling. A unique performance event, the story unfolds in words (English with Chinese subs), animation, and music, with the audience invited to participate through interactive video techniques and an innovative projection system. Tickets from 120rmb.

Lightwire Theater pres. ‘The Ugly Duckling’

Shanghai Children's Art Theatre from June 16-18

Lightwire Theater stages a Shanghai production of the show that Rolling Stone called “absolutely incredible.” The timeless classic children’s story is rendered in a multimedia stage presentation using state of the art sound, lighting, and the Theater’s own trademark electroluminescent wire puppetry pieces that carve dazzling images and movement out of darkness. Tickets are 180rmb.


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