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December In Magnificent Stage Show Tomfoolery
By Nov 30, 2018 Stage


All the world's a stage! But only some of it's good enough to charge 880rmb for front-row seats. As we say goodbye to November and hello to the end of the year, the stage keeps churning on. There's comedy from a pair of Kiwis and a trio of Brits! Tapdancing from Aussies! Mimes from Spain! And pretty people in garter belts. Dates, details and a whole bunch of ticketing links after the break.


From November 30 to December 1, there's a trio of Brits pretending to be a trio of Americans pretending to be a trio of cops in a 70s TV show. The Pretend Men are bringing their award-wining satire of police cops, "Police Cops," to MIFA 1862. Tiiiickets start at 180rmb.

Later in the month, MIFA 1862 will be hosting in two Kiwis presenting Mad Office, a physical comedy routine that might strike a little too close to home for cubicle rats. That's on December 14 & 15. Tickets start at 180rmb on SmartTicket.

On December 12 & 13, there's a critical darling coming to Shanghai Grand Theatre, in the form of André and Dorine, a "... a story about Alzheimer’s, but mostly it's a story about overcoming, struggle and love." It's told through mime. Yes! Highbrow mime. 160rmb tickets are already sold out. Seats available on SmartTicket.

On December 13 to 16, six-man Australian national treasure Tap Dogs is back in Shanghai. Seriously, it goes: Ayres Rock, Steve Irwin, Tim Minchin, Tap Dogs. They're tap dancers. Tappity-tappity-tap. Caution: the front row may get wet. That's at ET Space, only a couple of tickets left on SmartTicket.

On December 15 & 16 there's an alternately terrifying and hilarious one-man show, recounting the creator's experience with a man who takes Shakespeare too seriously. Revel's World of Shakespeare is happening at the Pudong New Stage. Tickets start at 120rmb on SmartTicket.

Also in December, Candor has a total of six shows. From "Geisha Dark Circus Experience" to "Velvet Nights," plenty of stuff available for the burlesqueishly inclined. The whole itinerary available on SmartTicket.

Bonus Show

This one's in January, but tickets are liable to go fast. From the creators of Riverdance comes a new show! Called "Heartbeat of Home," it combines Irish step-dance with flamenco and Spanish music to the mix. Music is still by Brian Byrne, it's also directed by John McColgan and produced by Moya Doherty. It's at the Shanghai Grand Theatre from January 22 to January 27. Tickets start at 180rmb over on SmartTicket.



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