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Start Them Early: Five Family-Friendly Shows Coming Up Soon
By Nov 6, 2018 Stage
Colorful, family-friendly shows ranging from the staggeringly huge (Disney On Ice 2018 Tour) to the classic (Notre Dame de Paris) to the gee-shucks cozy (Narrow). Get your kids off their eleventh consecutive round of Fortnite, get them out of the house and take in a show! Bonding and entertainment, wrapped up in one.


On November 10 to 11, MIFA sees Acrobuffos: Air Play. A family-friendly circus adventure following two siblings as they learn to travel through the invisible blanket that sustains us all: air! Kites, fabrics, umbrellas, super-sized balloons, confetti and an enormous snowglobe all become playthings in the hands of these two talented circus performers, who met in Afghanistan, got engaged in Scotland, and married in China.

On November 20, Shanghai Children's Art Theatre sees Notre Dame de Paris | Classic Children's Play (Chinese). An adaptation of the classic by Victor Hugo has been redone so that it stars animals and is a story about justice triumphing over evil! This show is only in Chinese.

On November 16 to 18, Mercedes-Benz Arena sees Disney On Ice 2018 Tour. All your favorite Disney characters on ice-skates. Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, Minnie, Alladin, Elsa, Nemo-- wait, Nemo? He doesn't even have legs. This I gotta see.

On November 23 to Nov 25, Shanghai Children's Art Theatre sees Baby Loves Chinese Culture, a specially designed presentation for children by the Yi Gala, presenting the song and dance of cultures in Southwest China.

Then, on December 13 - 16, the Children's Art Theatre sees Creative Installation Theater - Narrow, a show about domestic bliss, presented by two people who live together in a wooden box. The couple have to pull off acrobatic feats to be able to achieve in the simplest mundane tasks, such as getting dressed or making tea.


Here's one for the budding multi-linguists among you; January 11 & 12, 2019, ET Space sees an all-Chinese production of the famous That Physics Show. Concocted by professional physics expert David Maiullo, it's a child-friendly demonstration of some cool hypothetical physics questions. How much damage can a ping pong ball do if you propel it 700mph through a vacuum tube? Can you see the shape of sound in a flame? What happens if you put a balloon in dry ice? What happens if you let a bowling ball swing on a pendulum directly at your face?

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