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Play An Asshole in SH Production of Glengarry Glen Ross
By Jun 21, 2013 Stage
Urban Aphrodite is holding an open audition for the male leads in David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross. It's about the workings of a Chicago real estate firm where nearly all of the staff is complicit in some level of scammy salesmanship.

Amazingly acidic, potty-mouthed speech is a specialty of Mamet's, so if you've got what it takes to say "you f***ing c***" with completely convincing malice

before a room full of people, then 1) good job, you belong in Shanghai and, 2) this might be the perfect role for you.

If dickishness is not quite your bag, then the characters Lingk and Aaronow might be your best bet. We're really, really excited to see this one, so please, Shanghai -- make this one a good one. For a quick rundown of the characters in the play, click here. Yeah, I just linked to SparkNotes. Am I proud of it? No, I am not. But damn it if it isn't useful.

Urban Aphrodite has 40 slots open for auditions, to be held on the third floor of Sasha's. Spots are on a first-come, first-served sign-up basis. Email for more info and to put your name on the list. Complete details about that here.


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  • 5 years ago ajames

    Cindy Kuan, thou dost rocketh!

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