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Upcoming: Two New Plays In Town
By May 21, 2013 Stage
We've got two new plays coming out this week: Black is the Color of My Voice on Thursday, then Noel Coward's Hay Fever on Friday.

The first is an original play written by Shanghai-based singer-actress Apphia Campbell. She'll be starring as the protagonist, who's coping with the recent death of her father by looking to the life and songs of soul singer Nina Simone for inspiration. More details on that here.

On the following night, local theatre company Urban Aphrodite's production of Hay Fever debuts at Sasha's. For those of you who have yet to become acquainted with Coward, this could be a good

intro to his work. It's one of his earlier plays and, despite having been originally produced in 1924, continues to be quite popular among contemporary audiences.

Hay Fever is about an eccentric nuclear family who drives each of their separate guests nuts over the course of a weekend. They're over-the-top, selfish, petty and often highly inappropriate. Sounds like a sitcom, I know... but this one's actually good.

Coward's one of those famous English playwrights who had the ability to make both fans of highbrow and lowbrow comedy go guffaw guffaw guffaw. Yeah, British humor. So witty, so clever. Hence the guffawing. We're probably going to go check out Urban Aphrodite's production, so maybe look out for one of those stage reviews later this week. Dates, location, other details here.


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