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8 Getaways For Qingming Jie
By Mar 29, 2016 Travel
Quick reminder, Qingming Jie is next Monday. You probably don't have to work. Everyone's got that one off. Sounds like a good chance to get out of Shanghai. On that note, here's a lil' roundup of eight opportunities to climb some mountains, ride horses, and breathe some fresh air.

For real, go somewhere. There is a lot more to China than Shanghai.


1. Wanna Travel has two three-day trips on over the weekend. The first goes to Pan'an County in Zhejiang Province to visit some waterfalls, lakes, stone villages, and some of that high quality air. Price for that is 999rmb with transportation and accommodation.

2. Their second trip goes to Moganshan, which also has some waterfalls, beautiful bamboo backdrops, and other clean, scenic views. The mountain is two and a half hours away from Shanghai, and it's a good spot for hiking. Price is 1,499rmb, including transportation, hotel accommodation, and more.


3. OK Deal Club also has a trip to Moganshan. Theirs is a little cheaper than Wanna Travel's -- it's 1,150rmb, and also includes accommodation and transportation, though their accommodation is at a hostel, not a hotel. That's called "passing the savings on to you".

4. If you've already been to Moganshan, OK Deal has another getaway to Xinchang County in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang. Spirit realigning spring blossoms are the main focus here, plus some hikes and a visit to a rural village. Price is 1,180rmb with transportation, accommodation at a three star hotel, entrance fees and more. Beautiful blossom country out there in Zhejiang.

5. Lastly, OK Deal goes horseback riding in the countryside of Guangde County in Anhui Province -- a little Chinese country-side equestrianism. I don't think that's a word. Maybe it is. In addition, they'll do some hiking and cycling too. Price is 1,180rmb with two nights at a four star hotel, travel insurance, and seven meals included. Not a bad deal.


6. Traveler's Society is doing a trip to some ancient Chinese castles. No info on where those are though (they never seem to want to tell you). But they say you'll get to trek through a tea plantation, drink some tea from said plantation, and visit an island... somewhere. 2,499rmb for that. Better be some good castles.


7. Dragon Adventures is going to Tianzhu Mountain, home of 45 peaks over 1000 meters tall. The itinerary includes zip lining, rock climbing, and lots of hiking. Sounds pretty great. Very outdoors-y that one. Price is 1,980rmb with flights, accommodation, and some meals included.


8. Finally, The Wild Landscape and Culture Adventure Explorer (chill name) group on Meetup has a trip to the Anji bamboo forest, located near Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province planned. This isn't organized by a travel company like the others, so you'll pay your expenses separately, depending on where you choose to stay. They'll have a recommended lodging place and transportation that you can take. Estimated cost is around 500rmb.


Those are the trip packages this weekend. You could also, you know, just go to these places on your own. For more travel deals though, check our dedicated page.


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