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Hey, We Have This Great Deal to See the Cirque Du Soleil Show in Hangzhou!

By Jun 19, 2020 Travel


Looking for something to do this Dragon Boat Festival? How about going to see the Cirque Du Soleil show in Hangzhou, in a crazy theater custom-built just for the show? Your health code won't change color, we've got a great package deal on tickets plus a very nice nearby hotel (so you can make a two-day trip out of it), Hangzhou is beautiful and you should probably take a break from Shanghai anyways, right? Click the jump to see what we're talking about and how good the deal is!

Right, so Cirque du Soleil opened a permanent China show in Hangzhou in 2019 called X: Land of Fantasy, that takes its cues from ancient Chinese culture, and of course throws that all up in the air with a cast of insanely athletic performers doing insanely athletic performances that tie into the story. You can only see it in Hangzhou. It's the only resident CDS show in Asia.

So we partnered with them to get a special deal on tickets plus one night at the Radisson Blu Hangzhou Xintiandi hotel in a superior room (with two breakfasts) FOR TWO NIGHTS ONLY. That's Thursday June 25 and Friday June 26, both over the Dragon Boat Festival when everyone (hopefully everyone) is off work. Two tickets to Cirque Du Soleil plus the hotel plus breakfast start at less than 2,000rmb.

Click here for specifics on the different packages and what they include — if you want to sort out the hotel on your own, you can buy just the tickets. Curtain rises on the show at 7.30pm.


But won't my health code turn color? Nope. It won't. Hundreds of thousands of people will be traveling in this region over the holiday, if not more, and all that's required is to apply for the Hangzhou health code.

How do I do that? Open Alipay, click on HealthCode and then select Hangzhou (杭州) in the area that says select your region (选择地区). Once you do that, hit the big blue button and fill in a little information about your trip. The system will quickly determine whether you qualify for a Hangzhou health code (but you most likely do, if your Shanghai code is green).

Do I really need this? Well, different sources we talked to said different things, but the official government hotline (0571 12345) told us that yes, it will be required on arrival at the Hangzhou train station (assuming you take the train, and you probably should). With these things, it's always better to be safe than sorry, and apply for the Hangzhou code even if no one ends up checking for it. It takes five minutes to do. Maybe less.

Ok ok, I'll do it. What's the show about again? Yes! X: Land of Fantasy features two distinct theater shows for each audience section that follow separate ancient Kingdoms, Petra and Aria. In bombastic moments, the two stories intertwine. Petra and Aria were torn apart centuries ago and the seal depicting their crests, the Dragon and the Phoenix, was been broken. Guided by the mysterious Watcher, audience members sitting on shifting platforms get to watch the reunification sparked by two innocent children, left on the doorsteps of opposing palaces. Trippy audiovisual magic, massive stage production, and, naturally, tons of very lithe acrobats in fancy costumes.

How do I get tickets again? Click this link!



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