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Hongqiao Int'l Airport Gets a New Terminal 1 This Sunday

By Mar 21, 2017 Travel


Hongqiao International Airport's new Terminal 1 building opens on Sunday after a massive renovation, and the old Terminal 1 building closes on the same day for massive renovations until it opens again in mid-2018 when both buildings become the new, new Terminal 1 building.

Hold on. Yeah, okay that makes sense. Short story short is that if you've got a flight from Hongqiao's T1, you might want to get there a bit earlier. More details after the jump if you need 'em.


Hongqiao's aging Terminal 1, used by the likes of Spring Airlines, KoreanAir, Dragonair and China Eastern, will be opening its newly renovated Building A this Sunday, March 26, and simultaneously closing down the building you used to go to, designated Building B. That means that, as of Sunday, you're going to a new building if you're flying from T1.

The airport says they've got volunteers and extra staff on hand to smooth out the transition process this weekend, but they recommend that you get there at least two hours before check-in to avoid any mishaps. Spring Airlines even offered to discount anyone who misses their flights on Sunday because of the shift to the new building. They're a super budget airline so you know they're good for it.

Building A reportedly has higher ceilings, an improved check-in, security check and customs inspections areas and they've improved the infrastructure around the building to avoid congestion. The terminal is now directly linked to Yan'an Lu, so your taxi can zip straight to the drop-off area without ever touching the ground. Just like Pudong. What a time to be alive.

The old terminal building, Building B, will be closed for renovations scheduled to finish in mid-2018. At that point, both buildings will merge into a super-Terminal 1, and, according to Shanghai Daily, basically turn into Spring Airlines GHQ.

Terminal 1 currently runs 42 international flights and 68 domestic flights daily from 14 carriers, some who also operate out of Terminal 2.

You ever seen Up In The Air? Bet George Clooney would be super psyched about this.


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  • 3 years ago handoogies



  • 3 years ago the other alex

    Burger King HQ says they haven't confirmed if they're going to have any Terminal 1 venues yet, but they've got 2 outlets in Terminal 2 so y'know, go an hour earlier.


  • 2 years ago Desseriebabe

    the ten finger prints took longer than needed, just because machines were not that ready! so, be there early!

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