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Best Eclectic Workouts: Break Dancin’, Dodgeball, Ballet, and Badminton

Upcoming Events

Thursdays until May 24 2018

Cages Dodgeball League by Jose Cuervo

Cages (Jiangning Lu) - 3/F, 428 Jiangning Lu, near Wuding Lu

Cages has got a spring dodgeball league sponsored by Jose Cuervo (5 shots for 100rmb--manly!). In between games get some BOGO appetizers, drink on the cheap, and enjoy the new turf "dodgeball arena." Grand mystery prizes for the winners (tequila?). Games every Thursday from 8-10pm, follow the link above to learn how to register a team.

Daily until Sep 1 2018

Little Big Smasherz Badminton

SmSh Territory - Shanghai

Badminton, Why not? Starting this Saturday the 'Little Big Smasherz' Badminton club will hold doubles games every Saturdays from 2-4pm. There calling "advanced beginners" and intermediate players, men and women. Costs 35rmb to play, follow the link above for registration info.

on Sat Apr 14 2018

Stretchy Brekky #3

TRIBE - 291 Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu

Stretchy Brekky's the Yoga-brunch hosted by yogi Jayna Staykov (who you may know from Z&B or Community Yoga). It's a monthly event with brunch and workout changing locations each time, but always sponsored by Sugarmat (so everyone gets to use the yoga mat of the rich and famous during class). The session starts at 9am with a 60 min yoga class followed by a brunch, any breakfast from Tribe, plus a coffee/tea/soft drink and a pastry. Costs 200rmb per person. Follow the link above for registration.

New Gyms and What They’re Offering...

Dustbreakerz Dojo

No. 1, Lane 137 Bailan Lu, near Kaixuan Bei Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

This dance studio started by the dance group Dustbreakers just popped on our radar and any name ending in a Z automatically has my full attention. I think this right here is all you need to watch to get the idea. Enhance your skillz with the Dustbreakerz. They're offering a one month course, with 8 lessons for 677rmb on Dianping (original price: 856rmb). You can sign up on Dianping or add them on WeChat: DustbreakerzDojo.

News From The Ground


Jey Dance Pilates a floating studio previously reported on in this very column, offers a 'Barre' class, which is an hour and a half workshop. I'm used to the 'Pure Barre' variety so was expecting more work out then technique, but it was definitely more dance class which ended up being fun (even for a beginner) and was still Pure Barre sore the next day. The workshop goes through floor barre technique, classic barre, center adagio, pirouettes, and choreography. The class was mixed with beginners and people who definitely had some dance experience. Location varies and Jey plans on keeping the workshop semi-regular; class costs 180rmb. For more info WeChat: JeydancePilates.

More Dance Unrelated to Dustbreakerz or Jey, the semi-regular free swing lessons are on again this Saturday.

Also incase you missed it last week, there's this new amazing gym called Jumplify with a work out that involves flying...kind of. Read more here.


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