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First Look: Fitspace, The Coworking-Out Space
By Mar 17, 2017 Wellbeing
F&B is down, but gyms and coworking spaces are exploding in the city right now. So why not combine those together into one mega multiplex? That was Fitspace's idea -- or actually, the coworking space is just an addon for the Golden Gloves boxing gym which moved here from Xinqiao Lu. They took over the whole space and figured they'd fill the rest of it a shared office area to improve foot traffic. So far it's working out well. Details inside.

Everyone sitting in the coworking offices of Fitspace was absolutely shredded. Absolutely shredded! They were rocking six packs and sweat glistened across their mountainous biceps as they answered emails.

Just kidding. They just opened and not everyone is taking up Fitspace on their hybrid concept as the gym membership isn't automatically part of the subscription. The open desk is 2000rmb a month -- you get your own permanent desk, some drawers, 50Mbit internet, and 24-hour access -- but it's another 400rmb a month for the gym, which comes with all sorts of boxing and fitness classes.

Unlike other coworking spaces, offices aren't sectioned off (at the moment), nor are there any hot desks. Basically, you'll get a desk next to other small companies. That's not ideal. The thing about open office spaces is that they're, you know, open. So you'll be listening to their conversations as much as they hear yours.

Fitspace could be a good choice if you're a freelancer and you want to get some sets in between work sessions. Pricing-wise, Fitspace is alright for a coworking space and the convenience might be worth the cost of the gym membership's premium. But note that the gym doesn't have a power rack, so say goodbye to squats and overhead presses. Also the beer isn't free -- they've got Estrella (who also have their office here) on tap for that's 25rmb a glass. But maybe that's less important to the fitness types.


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  • 1 year ago Unverified User

    Hopefully they open earlier than 10am like Terra Wellness and Will's gyms. Missing a huge market segment chunk by not opening at a realistic gym time of 7am.

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