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The Big Shanghai Gym Report: Contributors Wanted

By Mar 3, 2014 Health & Wellbeing


Ever tried to buy a gym membership and some sales bro named "Lovely" or "Sunshine" tried charging you three times the normal price? Ever had another dude try to grab your d in the locker room?

With warm weather approaching, we know a lot of you want to join the gym, but it's confusing in Shanghai. Gyms don't advertise prices much here, so figuring out how much to pay can feel like haggling at the fake market. And what's up with the towels? Is that mold on the ceiling?

That's where you come in. We need info about gyms in all the districts, from Jing An to Baoshan, written informatively, colorfully, and concisely. Stories, real prices, all that. A picture or two would help a lot too.

Of course, we'll hook you up too. Anyone who helps us with a 200 word writeup gets a 200rmb voucher for Nosh Delivery, and the top three contributors each win a pair of tickets to the Bruno Mars concert on April 3rd. Not bad, not bad.

If you're interested, please email with the subject "Gym Report." Make sure to include your phone number so we can verify that you don't work at the gym. Get pumped, cause like our man Arnold said, the pump is just as satisfying as the orgasm.

[Update: Just to clarify, we don't need your story yet - we just need to know that you're interested. We'll reply to your email and verify that you don't actually work for the gym, then we *may* ask you to write something and give you a template. Thank you!]


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  • lordkoz

    I'd rather kill myself than got to a Bruno Mars show, give me booze instead. Bish.

  • unioz

    do you even lift?

  • Marcy Darcy

    Ahh, the classy gym stories in Shanghai! Back then 2007 near Changyi Rd., when the dude stand next to me on the tread mill to watch TV. Not to mention the Chungwha he was smoking meanwhile... Or the countless balls-blow-drying men in the locker room... Another remarkable moment was the guy vomitting all over the place after lifting 80 kg at a gym near Shaanxi Rd.
    The right nutrition, a very important topic all the time. Apparently the guy with the Tsing Tao on the cross trainer did not really understand this importance, back in 2010.
    Finally, just 2 monts ago. I arrived at the gym, the door was closed. They literally decided to shut down overnight, f**king all memebership holders where no sun ever shines.

    Now, Marcy is patiently waiting for the new opening in the same rooms by a different owner. I lover it here.

  • Marcy Darcy

    Damn there are typos above... One short thing I forgot, you want people to send their gym stories to Just curious...

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