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SmSh's 20 Great Things to Do Over the May Holiday

Rain or shine, sober or otherwise.
2020-04-30 09:40:57

Five days off. Fifteen meals to resolve with sandwiches. 120 hours to sleep. Thousands of minutes to social distance. Or. Or. Hey, we could go outside. And do something. Like, in the city. Catch up on new bars (because it's really only new bars that have been opening during the special period, and not much else), visit an old favorite that's had a name change, find some place to park it and enjoy the weather (assuming no rain) and just... do stuff. Here's 20 suggestions for what stuff to do this May holiday, rain or shine.


Al Fresco Afternoon

Here’s 30+ terraces to get al fresco'ed.

Picnic (or Slacklining) at the West Bund

Duh. Set your Didi to the Long Museum.

Walk the North Bund

Not duh. Read this first.

BBQ in Gongqing Forest Park

One of the nicest and biggest green spaces in Puxi. And you can cook!


Climb the Great Mall Wall of China

Why? Because it’s there.

Scare Some Pins

Orden is the classic lane, Hao’s is the modern one, Bund Bowl has lasers (call first).

Indoor Surfing

Wipe out in this surfing simulator in deep Minhang district.

Be Kind: Donate Blood, Adopt a Cat

Give something, get something.

Get An Old School Blind Massage

Here’s five places to do that — and 10 more for good measure.

teamLab’s Dream Lab

Open the whole holiday. Requires reservation on their WeChat account (teamLab无界上海). Project your life.

Meet Meng at the Natural History Museum

Aw, poor big kitty with the wonky eyes. Museum is great though!


Eat Beyond Meat at Starbucks

The fake meat revolution is growing in China one pasta at a time.

Cinco de Mayo Taco Extravaganza

Ridiculous taco conference on May 3 at Cages.

Go Gangbusters on the Regional Thai Food

Valantina Tsoi's The Curry Gaeng (read about it here) pops up at Shake with a very well-priced deal on some southern Thai food.

Attempt Obesity

Here’s a guide.


Catch Up on Alcohol

J.Boroski's luxury cocktails (177rmb!), Lucky Mart's 35rmb highballs and KOR's... well, KOR's "super lounge". Tried 'em? They're all open.

Mini Latin District in Pudong

A mini-Boteco, a place called Tacos and a second-tier vibe. Will return.

Get Lit in the Pit

Homeslice is doing five days of free-flow for 150rmb; Cyclo does one for 180rmb. El Santo has a week-long brunch slash party.

Cinco de Mayo in Havana

Havana Chino Latino throws the bash.

Party with The Dylan

Bridge the generations with a closing party Party (capital P) of the Dylan retrospective.