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10 Family-Friendly Activities for Everyone This Week

Beat the Post-Golden Week blues with the family.
2020-10-13 11:00:00
The holiday’s over! The kids are back at school and parents’ butts are glued to their office chairs. Just because work is back doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. Here are 10 events, from music and singing classes for toddlers to a taekwondo workshop and more.



Jitterbugs' Early Childhood Classes

October 13, 9am-noon @ Several Locations

These early education courses welcome children under four years, where they can learn their basics, all in English. For the littlest ones (four months to two years), there are musical movement classes. And in celebration of their new Hongqiao campus, Jitterbugs is also offering a 50% discount for a trial class at the school.


Mommy & Me – Music and Movement Classes

October 14, 10am @ 8 Park Avenue Clubhouse

Speckled Frogs are re-opening their own music and movement courses. Every Wednesday, mothers can join their children for a morning of jumping, singing and dancing. 100rmb for a drop in.

Kids and Sweets Workshop

October 14, 8.30-9.30pm @ American-Sino Women's and Children's Hospoital

Maternity and paediatric nurse Shlomit Entes is hosting a workshop that focuses on kids and their relationship with sugar. Concerned that the little ones are eating too many sweets? Some topics that will be covered include how much sugar is suitable, and also how to build good eating habits for the children. Attendance is 180rmb for either singles or couples.



Cycling and Fruit Picking at Hengsha Island

October 17, 8am-6.30pm @ People's Square

Start the weekend with a day of peaceful bike riding. Dragon Events are hosting a trip to Hengsha Island, where family and folk can enjoy their time cycling across the island and visiting a farm for some fruit picking. Pick-ups and drop offs are at People’s Square metro station. If interested, just hit up Andy Cheong (WeChat ID: 13818612354) on WeChat.

Kidz Drawing Contest

October 17, 12am @ Parkway Health Shanghai

Parkway Health Shanghai is hosting an art competition; the theme, ‘My Dream World’. The top voted 13 children can have their designs featured on the 2021 calendar. The kids who win will also earn themselves a free ticket to Disneyland. Keep in mind though, submission due date is before October 17, so break out the best Crayola and get creative.

Immune Boosting Foods and Supplements workshop

October 17, 2-4pm @ Jumpstart Business Centre

With Autumn here and the flu season just around the corner, it's time to brush up on immunities. Nutritionist Najma is hosting a workshop for parents on the importance of maintain children immunity. Learn key topics, such as which foods contain key vitamins and what should kids eat when sick. It’s 320rmb for spot at the workshop.

Tawkwondo Workshop

October 17, 2-6pm @ The Summit

KIHAP! Blackbelt Fit are commemorating their grand opening with a free class of taekwondo and hapkido, so prepare that body for an afternoon of flips and kicks. Located at Building B1 at The Summit, parents and kids are welcomed to join and participate. The class welcomes many; it’s taught in English, Mandarin, Korean and German.

Jing'an Courtyard Festival

October 17-18, 2pm @ Tonglefang

For the final time this year, The Jing’an Courtyard Festival is setting their boots down in Tonglefang and having a weekend of family fun. Expect the classics: food & drinks, craft stations, live music, playground for kids; the works. Entrance is free and the festival starts at 2pm on both days.


Hongkou Walk

October 18, 9-11.30am @ Old 1933 Millfun

This free walk around Hongkou with GoEast Mandarin takes people through some city landmarks, such as the Old 1933 Millfun, a Chinese Christian church on Duolun Lu and Lu Xun Park. Scan the QR code to RSVP.

Fall Family Festival

October 18, 2pm @ Azul

Hosted at the new Azul, kids can expect activities such as arts & crafts, face painting, balloon art and sports. Parents can chill out with some hot food and cool drinks. Adults and big kids are charged 30rmb for entrance, but two-year-olds and under are free.