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Last Week to Buy Tickets for Destination Paradise

May 25, 2021 | 12:20 Tue

FESTIVAL ALERT: Strawberry Festival sold out this year in 20 minutes! If you missed it, there are still tickets available for the new downtown music festival... Destination Paradise put on by the folks who organize Brawl on the Bund. 

This music festival somehow got the connections to hold their revelry in HUANGPU district, right on the river front at Wharf 1846.And it's going to be MASSIVE. The guys behind Brawl On The Bund are focusing on festivals this year, and they have lined up 2 days of creativity next week.

The weekend will be split between 3 indoor and outdoor music stages over-looking. And there are 2 after-parties lined up. It's going to be MUSIC, FASHION, and INCLUSIVE (will there be dragons? drag queens? we hope so!). 

But... nourishment you ask? These venerable institutions are joining this weekend to make sure you are satisfied and smiling:

  1. Tomatito
  2. • Guillermo
  3. • KLAY (we did say their food was good ya'll)
  4. La Cayota burrrritoooss, tacossss
  5. Curry Gaeng
  6. • Stroopwaffle
  7. • KKD Korean Chicken
  8. Umaami


"I can't have a burrito without a beer. I need refreshments"... you say? Well, you will be refreshed brothers and sisters. Here to quench your infinite thirst:

  1. • ZEYA
  2. • Two tall brothers (hello Magnus!) 
  3. • Mestizo
  4. • Shanghai Love (hello Kia!! Cider FTW!)
  5. • Coco Flamingo
  6. • UP
  7. • Celia (hello Oytun!!)
  8. • Pietra Rossa
  9. • Peddlers Gin
  10. • Vedette
  11. • Pudao Wines (hello Alex!!)
  12. • La Suite
  13. • Lawrenny Gin
  14. • Ray Wines
  15. • Boxing Cat Brewery (hello.... AbinBev?!)

A ticket gets you two drink vouchers and a GOOD TIME. 

Here's some more deep dive:

The DP Stage. Escape to tropical paradise at this stage. Organic, tribal, electronica and progressive house - the type of music you’d expect to hear on a beach, or in the mountains.

The ‘La Suite Stage’ is focusing on uplifting, vocal and funky house. La Suite is run by Italians so expect a lot of hand movement and smiling in this room.

The UP Stage. This is a hip-hop area put together by the guys at UP. You will not hear anything produced after 2005. This is good old fashioned, turn-table play-able, epic hip-hop dropped by some of the most talented DJ’s in the region. Wait ‘til you hear Mick, Scarmixxed and Frac Attack do their thing.‘

Question and Answer Time:

Should I dress up? You don't have to... but if you in the mood, DRESS THE FUCK UP! Go wild. Expresss yo'self! 

But festivals are so messy and wasteful. The other ones are. These guys are clearly progressive liberals. All the vendors have agreed to be conscious to not use plastic at this event and are only using paper plates and bio-friendly cutlery. No plastic cups will be given out to anyone at this event and they are really going to sort our waste out.

Better yet... bring your own favorite sippy cup why don't you. That's kind of brilliant, innit? If you forget it, they'll have festival cups for you to buy. 

I think I'll go to this festival cause I'm going nuts: That isn't a question bruh. But, now that you mention it, the organizers have a soft spot for mental health. Lifeline and Community Centre Shanghai will be at the event if you just need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on (after having too many Shanghai Love Ciders of course). 

From the organizers themselves:

A festival is a celebration of community. It’s about bringing people together to celebrate the values of creativity, inclusion, self-expression, and most importantly positivity. Everyone is welcome to bring good energy and join in the fun. The best way to get the most out of a festival is to remember; it’s not about you. It’s about your friends and your community. If the people you are with are all taken care of, and are having fun, there’s a high probability you will get taken care of and have fun too! If you don’t have a large community, don’t worry, that’s what a festival like this is for!


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