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Eight Artsy, Crafty, Concert-y and Workshop-y Family Events This Week

Seeeeeeasons greetings everyone. It's week two in the countdown to Christmas and the city's just getting started. If you haven't bought your tree yet, we've got a whole list of places that stock them ...
2020-12-08 12:00:00
Seeeeeeasons greetings everyone. It's week two in the countdown to Christmas and the city's just getting started. If you haven't bought your tree yet, we've got a whole list of places that stock them over on our Christmas page. However, if you're done with decorating, here's a bunch of other things you can with the kids.


Christmas Arts & Crafts Workshops

Dec 8-10 & 13-15, @ Craft'd Shanghai

Creative kids over at Craft'd have got lots of stuff up their tinsel-covered sleeves this month. We're talking wreath workshops (Dec 9, 7-9pm) and how to make a Christmas sweater (Dec 13, 4-6pm), important stuff like how to make your own mulled wine (Dec 9, 10am-noon) plus a how-to-design-a-Christmas-card evening (Dec 14 7-9pm). Workshops are organized either in the mornings or evenings and prices range from the 200 to 380rmb. They also got a few winter camps coming so stay tuned for more info.

Discussion on the First Year of Baby Feeding

Dec 8-9, 10am-noon @ American-Sino Women's & Children's Hospital

Maternity and pediatric nurse, Shlomit Entes, is having another discussion for mothers and parents across Shanghai. This time, it's all about the fundamentals of baby nutrition in the first year and what they should be eating. Class in English will be held on Dec 8 and in Chinese on Dec 9. Costs 180rmb per person. Scan the QR code to book.


Christmas 2020 Blood Drive

Dec 12-13, 1-8pm @ Jing'an Kerry Center

Holidays are a time for caring and sharing, and what better way to help someone in need than to donate the good stuff: blood. Fun fact? One donated unit can save up to three lives. That and there's always cookies afterwards. This last drive of 2020 will be held at the Kerry Center and only adults can donate. While you're doing your bit for others, let the kids have fun at the accompanying markets. There will be food stalls, live street performers and games.

When Mother Nature Calls

Dec 12, 7-10pm @ On Air Space

Seed's of Change 4th Charity Music Concert, "When Mother Nature Calls" invites musicians to share their music in support of Shining Star — a foster home for blind and partially sighted orphans. Concert price is 150rmb and includes 2 food coupons. Scan the QR code to purchase tickets.

Awesome Christmas Crafts: DIY Christmas Candles

Dec 12, 1.30-3.30pm @ Awesome Kids Club

Maybe instead of purchasing pricy festive candles, have your kids make some instead. Awesome Kids Club are hosting an afternoon of crafty goodness where kids get to make a table flower display in addition to waxy sticks. Scan the QR code to sign up. Costs 298rmb per kid.

Gingerbread Wonderland Christmas Party

Dec 12, 6-11pm @ Cages

Manulife, in association with CanCham, is hosting its 13th Annual Christmas Party. Hosted at Cages, this party will have a Christmas Dinner starting at 7.30pm and a very special "guest" attending later in the evening — don't be surprised if he rocks up in red and white. Food will include roast turkey, mashed potatoes, green beens, stuffing, carrot cake, and more. Prices vary for kids and members/non-members. Scan the QR code for more info and to purchase tickets.

Parent & Kid Christmas Decoration Workshop

Dec 13, 10am-noon @ Queen of Arts

Queen of Arts is ending the week with some green thumb action, having parents and kids design their own Poinsettia flower pot — nifty alternative to the usual Christmas decoration. Regular price is 680rmb, for one adult and one child. Book before Dec 9 to get the early-bird price of 599rmb.

Meanwhile over on SmartTicket...

Baby Opera: The Aria in the Egg

Dec 11, 10am-noon @ Orange Theatre

Opera... baby style! This piece tosses away the dialogue and opts to act out the story using just music, body movements, and cute, fluffy costumes — a relatable experience for active little ones who are still learning how to express themselves. Suitable for kids up to the age of four. Tickets cost 238-338rmb on SmartTicket.

For more things to do with kids in Shanghai, visit the SmSh Events Page