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Lunacy at The Pearl this Weekend for Papa G's Bday

If you're into rock, and haven't been to the Pearl Yet, go this WEEKEND for a once a year discount on tickets.
May 20, 2021 | 14:30 Thu

If you don't know Grant Buchwald, then this is the weekend to come out of your cave. He is Papa G, first of his name, Lord of the Red Beards, Holder of Red Stars, Cameraman of Ferrari, and King of The Pearl. And for your information, its his damned birthday this weekend. At SmartShanghai, we've known Grant for about 102 years, and have been selling tickets to live music performances for ages. The gal who does his Adele performances, has a set of pipes that would make Adele feel comfortable retiring, and their Abba nights will get you out of your seat. Dancing Queeen.....

Anyway, from all of us at SmartShanghai... a very happy birthday to you Papa G. For everyone reading this, he's being super generous and offering 33% off all tickets this weekend, only to SmartShanghai readers.

To preface the festivities this weekend, here in his own words, is a nostalgic note from Grant: 

It’s my birthday on May 21st, so I’m fortunate to be able to choose the show I wanted. Even though I have an unrequited love for Barry Manilow, the night will belong to Led Zeppelin-AC/DC and the Monsters of Rock. I’ve decided to be entirely self-indulgent this year and wanted to relive a piece of my own ancient history. I recently unearthed a copy of the Gibson Guitar’s 100 anniversary show “Night of 100 Guitars” from Wembley arena that I produced the filming of 27 years ago! The concert movie is a bit old and out of shape, like me. However unlike me, it stills sound great and its super cool. I haven’t watched it all because I wanted to save some of it for the weekend.

It was a truly memorable time in my life. I got to spend the day filming, interviewing, and hanging out with some of rock’s all-time greats. I had a burger with Brian May (Queen). Drank some beers with Brett Michaels (Poison). I cannot mention what Slash (GnR) and I got up to incase my family reads SmartShanghai. I partied alllllll night long with one of my favorite buddies from church, Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne, Pride & Glory). There were late night shots with Brian Palmer and interviewing Paul Rodgers (Bad Company).  

All these musicians were all incredible in their own way. It was an honor to work with them and be witness to their talent. To be honest, I was trying to be a cool cucumber around these rockers. However, I struggled with even holding the microphone as my hands were shaking uncontrollably.

Okay, okay, enough reminiscing, make time in your schedules to come down to The Pearl this weekend for my damn birthday. If you're reading this, then you must be on SmartShanghai, which means you get a special 33% discount on tickets for ma birthday. 

We'll show the concert movie on both May 21 & 22 at 7:30pm. At about 9:30pm, my favorite hardest working band of whom I would consider to be close family members, the Pearl Red Stars, will hit the stage. I would be remiss if I did not mention that the band will be joined by veteran Pearl rockers, Dave Stone and Mark W. It will be a night of rock & roll and great friends taking us deep into the night!!! - Grant Buchwald, aka Papa G

Some of you may be asking... how old is Papa G turning? He didn't tell us, but we're pretty sure he's at least legal...


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