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We Are Hiring: Open Call For Full-Time Editors and Freelancers

Like the universe, SmartShanghai is ever expanding. So! We have positions coming open.
2023-10-12 12:00:00

Like the universe, SmartShanghai is ever expanding. (Also, black, mysterious and gaseous.) So! We have positions coming open.

How is it working with us? Life at SmartShanghai is rosy. We have a small, cool, creative team who spend all of their time figuring out how to bring you the best the city has to offer in the best way. We strive to create a friendly, relaxed work environment, where everyone has flexible work hours (no clock-punching), up-to-date computers, and a say in how we run the business. The office is close to Taikoo Hui right in downtown and easy to get to from anywhere in the city.

Managing Editor

SmartShanghai is seeking a native English Editor to join our team in Shanghai as the Managing Editor. The job involves website administrative duties, writing and editing editorial content, and maintaining professional ties to the related professional community in Shanghai. The ideal candidate is someone with a professional background in writing and editing and a few years in Shanghai under their belt. You should have a bulging contact book and a head full of ideas. This role, for a native English speaker, comes with a work visa and a competitive salary, as well as a seat in SmartShanghai HQ with the rest of our team, five days a week. More on that here.

Freelance Editors

Send us pitches for stories you want to write, samples of your past writing, and a short bio of yourself, telling us why we should jump into bed with you for the foreseeable future! Rates are above-average — double, really — we will make this worth your while. We want ideas about Community pieces, Health pieces, Education pieces, Nightlife pieces, Offbeat ideas, and travel ideas — pick your finest ideas and send them our way.

For the people! Click here to apply.

Essential Guide Editors

We are working on a few larger articles covering various topics in-depth, and we are looking for freelance editors that can help us work on those. These are project-based kind of jobs, and we are looking for writers that are deeply involved and have a wealth of knowledge in a certain community or topic. Here's the list of Essential Guides we'll be publishing in the coming months:

  • Guide to Pregnancy in Shanghai - We are looking for a mum (or dad) who's had a child in Shanghai and can help us compile a useful guide on everything from A-Z including prenatal, postnatal, where to give birth, legal aspects.
  • The 2023 Shanghai Education Guide - We already run the best English Education directory in town, but we'd like to update our info and compile everything into a useful guide covering everything from Early Education to Adult Education.
  • The 2023 Interior Design and Furnishing Guide - We are looking for an interior designer who knows the shops and markets around town for interior design and furnishing.
  • The 2023 LGBTQ Shanghai Essential Guide - Our latest LGBTQ guide is three years old now, and we need help updating it. Lots has happened since then. Take a look, and if you think you are the right person to update it, reach out.
  • Kids & Family Directory
    SmartShanghai has a directory covering Kids & Family related content, but it's a bit of work in progress, and we are trying to make it much much much better and a super useful guide for parents to find activities, kindergardens, schools, and after-school programs for their kids in Shanghai.
  • The SmSh Essential Guide for Vegetarians and Vegans in Shanghai - Our Guide for Vegetarians and Vegans in Shanghai is only 3 years old, but obviously a lot has happened in the city - restaurants come and go, and vegetarian restaurants have an even harder time. So we need someone who can help us update this guide. Eat out, write about it, get paid... nice!
  • The Nightlife Essential Guide
    We will soon be publishing a monthly updated guide to the city's best clubs and bars, weekly events, happy hours, and live music venues, and we need someone to help us write this (we are too old to go out anymore). You like to party, can write well, and would like to get paid for it?

For all of those, please reach out to


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