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Seven Cool Things to Do With Families This Week

By Nov 24, 2020 Activities
You know what time it is! No! We're not talking about Thanksgiving, we're talking about the countdown... officially one month till Christmas Eve. The build-up has begun. Here are some things you can do until then to distract the family.


Sailing Courses for Beginners

Nov 24-29, 9am-9pm @ Taihu Lake, Suzhou

A sailing course for kids and beginners. Throughout the week, students will have four lessons: two online classes focused on theoretical learning (Nov 24 & 26), and two on-water classes focused on practice (Nov 28-29). There will be an exam on Sunday evening to conclude the course. Activities include catamaran training and a nighttime BBQ. Passing the course can earn participants a certificate from the American Sailing Association. The all-inclusive course costs 5,800rmb.


Abdominal Separation Coffee & Talk

Nov 26, 10-11am @ Dragon Space Studio

Diastasis Reti Separation, also known as Abdominal Separation, can affect women above the age of 35, especially when they have had a heavy-baby birth or multiple pregnancies. A coffee and talk, held at Dragon Space Studio and run by both physiotherapist Kike and pre & postnatal yoga teacher Xiaohui, welcomes mothers to join and discuss more about this physical condition. Every ticket purchased includes one Starbucks coffee or drink. There is an online-purchase ticket for 50rmb and a drop-in ticket for 80rmb. Mothers are welcomed to bring their babies along.

Volunteer Fabric DIY Workshop

Nov 26, noon-3pm @ SINGER, Inside The River Mall

A crochet workshop where participants will have the chance to take wasted material and re-purpose it into wearable masks. All the masks made will be either donated to disadvantaged children or sold for charity funds. The workshop is being held at the SINGER Sewing Experience Center at The River Mall. All skill levels welcome.


Thanksgiving Close-Up Magic

Nov 27, 7-9pm @ Geneva

Magician Super Johnny will be conducting close-up magic tricks at Geneva. The performance is complimentary to any interested customer, so come for dinner and have the kids entertained by Johnny's work.


Support Local Market

Nov 28, 10am @ Shankang Courtyard

Throughout the morning and afternoon, the Shankang Courtyard will become a community market. Local businesses are the feature of the event, plus music and BBQ. There will also be a dog adoption. Free to attend.

Doctor Midnight Live

Nov 28, 1pm @ Abbey Road

A free concert at Abbey Road on Saturday afternoon. Doctor Midnight will be playing "A Taste of Ireland".


108 Sun Salutations

Nov 29, 4.30pm @ Maiya Rice Canteen

A 90-minute yoga class starting at 4.30pm, held in English. The class costs 100rmb and participants need to bring their own mat, but a 10% discount is offered at the Maiya Rice Canteen for post-yoga dinner.


For more things-to-do with families in Shanghai, visit the SmSh events page



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