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Event Preview: Rescue a Dog in the Metaverse

A new platform that allows animal enthusiasts to sponsor a rescue dog in the Metaverse, paired with real dogs awaiting adoption
2023-12-13 12:00:00
Because "interviews" just sounds so staid and formal! This is where we talk to interesting people about interesting things. "Five" is more of a guideline than an actual rule.

This sounds interesting: Launching this weekend is a new platform that allows animal enthusiasts to sponsor a rescue dog in the Metaverse, paired with real dogs awaiting adoption. We spoke to Chiara Capitanio, CEO and Cofounder of Doris was not Meat charity foundation, ahead of their launch party this coming weekend at Riink.

Hello! Tell us more bit more about this project

Doris Was Not Meat, an organization dedicated to supporting dog shelters and rescuers, is launching a new platform that seamlessly blends creativity and technology. This unique venture introduces a feature that allows animal enthusiasts to sponsor a real dog awaiting adoption intricately paired with a digital collectible. The platform features a creative portrait and narrative that vividly brings the personality of the sponsored dog to life.

Supporters can sponsor a dog and also have the option to enhance their contribution with various add-ons, such as treats and grooming, for an additional fee. The web3 platform will provide detailed information about the dog, selected add-ons, and the duration of the sponsorship. This commitment to transparency and connection is further reinforced through the Doris Metaverse platform, which offers content related to sponsored dogs, providing tangible proof of legitimacy and fostering a meaningful bond between sponsors and their chosen canine companions.

Which dog shelter do you work with to rescue the dogs?

While the initial sponsorship campaign focuses on supporting the XiaoQi shelter in Chongqing, China, the project's broader ambition is to scale and create additional "Sponsor Collections" in a repeatable manner.

For those not very familiar with the Metaverse, how does this actually work. Do I run it on my phone? Do I need any extra hardware. Is there a Chinese Metaverse?

All you need is a phone, and you can connect directly to the storefront to choose the dog to sponsor and complete the payment. Money will go to DorisWasNotMeat and be transferred to the shelter, which will use it to provide food and medical support for the selected dog and our shelter partner in Chongqing.

Those with VR headsets can also visit Doris Metaverse for an immersive experience where they can watch videos and go behind the scenes of what happens in the shelters. They can also acquire digital collectibles of the dogs' portraits, which are available for purchase through the storefront and more. Those without VR headsets can still participate in and experience Doris Metaverse through their mobile devices or PCs.

Currently, the metaverse is hosted on the Spatial platform, and it will soon be available on China-based metaverse platforms as well.

How will adopting a virtual dog benefit actual dogs? Do users pay to use the platform?

The platform benefits the dogs by connecting them with potential sponsors who can provide financial support and care. The sponsored dogs receive food, medical support, and other essential needs, ensuring that they receive proper care and attention. Additionally, the platform allows sponsors to receive updates on their sponsored dog's progress and well-being, fostering a meaningful bond between the sponsor and the dog. This creates a sense of responsibility and care for the dogs among sponsors, who can feel connected to the dogs and want to ensure their well-being.

Can you tell us more about the organization behind this, Doris Was Not Meat

We are a non-profit organization registered in the Netherlands.
We exist to provide financial support to small and mid-sized shelters, enabling them to care for and rehabilitate stray dogs, preparing them for adoption.

We believe that all dogs deserve a home, and every family should have a dog.

And what about that name, Doris Was Not Meat? How did you come up with that?

The project is inspired by a black poodle named Doris, who was rescued in 2020. Unfortunately, Doris passed away a few months later. However, during this time, Doris was able to bring joy, strength, and hope to her human mom, who is also a co-founder of this initiative, helping her overcome a challenging period.

Doris and her story represent the vulnerability of people and the incredible ability of dogs to provide them with vital support, addressing their physical and emotional needs.


Join them for their launch party this Saturday, December 16 from 2pm at Riink. All details here.