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We're Selling Tickets for TEDxFuxingPark 2021, Get Them Now

Apr 22, 2021 | 18:00 Thu
The word 'wonder' has many meanings. People can interpret it in many ways, or even express it in many forms. It can manifest as an event, an emotion, an interest, or even a sense of doubt.

On May 22, from 1.30-5.30pm at 36Space, will be the TEDxFuxingPark 2021 event. A lot of people may know what TED is, folks may have already seen some of the speeches online (or in-person). Being a TEDx, meaning that the brand is cooperating with a local business, speakers from across the city, each with different backgrounds, experiences, careers, and philosophies, will come together and share their thoughts. The focus of this event is, well, 'wonder'. The historical Fuxing Park has partnered, and 11 individuals will spend the afternoon holding keynote speeches.

Who will attend? Well, guests of the day include Creative Advisor & Former Dean of Parsons Simon Collins, the CEO of Shareya Community Peng Qingqing, Environmental Psychology Researcher Adina Decau, the Founder of FABLAD and Associate Professor of Tongji University Ding Junfeng, as well as more.

Admission to the event are available now. There are early-bird prices, separated into three classes: 270rmb (Third Class), 360rmb (Second Class), and 450rmb (First Class). If interested, click this link to be redirected to the SmartTicket page.


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