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Here Are 12 Places to Gorge Yourself on Thanksgiving Turkey

Assuming you have something to be thankful for.
By Nov 18, 2020 Dining
Who knew Thanksgiving had so much history! Did you know that President Harry S. Truman is credited with starting the tradition of pardoning a turkey? Back up, did you know it's tradition for the US President to pardon a turkey from the National Turkey Federation for — I guess — the crime of being hideous to look at? Actually, back up again, did you know there's a National Turkey Federation?

But did you know that President Truman didn't actually pardon that turkey? He ate it for dinner. Yum yum. Boy! Doesn't that little fact make you want to reassess everything you thought you knew about the fourth Thursday in November, which is also coincidentally the day before Native American Heritage Day?

Anyway, Thanksgiving dinners, where people consume, on average, about 4,500 calories each! We picked eleven but there are 30+ on our event listings. Check it out.

A Season of Thanksgiving at Portman's

Nov 26, 6pm @ Portman's

Portman’s puts on a hearty dinner buffet during Thanksgiving season. Dishes include roast turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry compote, plus a selection of Asian cuisine to keep things international. Price starts at 338rmb per person. 668rmb for two people or 838rmb for a family of three.

Festive Roast Turkey With Take Away Hampers

Daily until Dec 31 @ Jing'an Shangri-La, West Shanghai

Get a five-star turkey takeaway from the Jing’an Shangri-La (1,298rmb), which includes your bird plus roasted potatoes, brussel sprouts, honey-roasted pumpkin, and a bottle of homemade mulled wine and montenegro. Alternatively, do that all with a honey-roasted ham for 1,198rmb. Delivery is free in central Shanghai but you must book three days in advance (call 2203 8889).

Hyatt On The Bund Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 25-27, 6pm @ VUE Restaurant

VUE Restaurant is doing a Thanksgiving dinner for a special price of 290rmb (exclusive to SmartTicket) that includes three courses, with roast turkey, cornbread, pumpkin soup, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, sun-dried tomato cassoulet, bourbon candied yams, cranberry sauce, pecan pie, and sweet potato ice cream. That’s basically everything about Thanksgiving. Buy in advance; only 30 tickets available per day.

Liquid Laundry's Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 26, 6pm @ Liquid Laundry

The Double L does things differently this year with a four-course "southern table" dinner (398rmb) as well as a four-course vegetarian dinner using Omni pork — no more boiled green beans and sweet potatoes. Add-ons are available: an extra 128rmb for free-flow on all craft beers, wines and special Thanksgiving cocktails ; or an extra 100rmb for the M3 Herb Crusted Aged Roasted Beef.

Boxing Cat Thanksgiving Turkey To Go

Before Nov 22 @ Boxing Cat Brewery (Sinan Mansions)

Boxing Cat does the traditional Thanksgiving takeaway with a turkey, gravy, cranberry, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes and stuffing for 1,288rmb, or 998rmb for just the turkey, gravy and cranberry sauce. Gotta order this one three days in advance to get in on the deal.

Holiday Spreads by CAGES

Daily until Dec 30 @ Cages

Adult funhouse CAGES has a serious kitchen in the back there, and this year it's turning out smoked turkey with sage gravy, slow-cooked Angus ribeyes, and Iberian boneless hams, with cranberry sauce, bread rolls and butter. On top of that, you can add sides and desserts from the CAGES kitchen. This deal is good both in the restaurant or takeaway. Scan the QR code on the flyer to book.

Madison Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 26, 6pm @ Heritage By Madison

Heritage by Madison is doing the indulgent thing the restaurant is known for, centered on a BUTTER POACHED TURKEY, for 348rmb. The rest of menu looks like this: roasted sweet potato salad, braised string beans, fried Brussel sprouts, stuffed chicken wings, potato cakes, pumpkin wontons, and a triple pumpkin cheesecake. For 228rmb more, drink yourself into December with two hours of free-flow red and white wine.

Thanksgiving Special at Heat

Nov 26-29, 11am @ Heat French Rotisserie & Bistro (Maoming Bei Lu)

Heat does chickens — very well — so that's what they do for Thanksgiving: stuffed Red Label chickens full of chestnuts, chicken liver, pork mince, toasted bread, dried fruits and chicken gravy. The chicken is good for three to four people and is available fro the 26th to the 29th for 298rmb. Sides are extra (25rmb each) and include potato mash, pomme noisette (fried potato balls), garlic mushrooms, gratin dauphinoise (potato gratin), cheese asparagus & cauliflower, roasted pumpkin, okra and ratatouille.

Vegan Thanksgiving 2020

Nov 26, 7pm @ Pie Society Canteen

Enjoy a vegan thanksgiving dinner gathering, and try vegan "roasted turkey" at Pie Society Canteen for 168rmb per person. Give thanks, meet and mingle with the community! Scan the QR code on the menu to book.

Thanksgiving at Highline

Nov 26, 11am @ Highline

Mod American restaurant Highline does a Thanksgiving menu for one single day, serving up turkey, all the fixings, and pumpkin pie for 288rmb per person until 10pm at night. Reservations are required (call 6333 0176).

Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 26, 6-8pm @ Bourbon Cookhouse (Ala Town) and Bourbon Cookhouse (Hongqiao)

Bourbon Cookhouse does a Thanksgiving dinner from 6-8pm on Turkey Day, including turkey and all trimmings, plus pumpkin soup and pumpkin cheesecake. For another 90rmb, they'll give you all the craft beers, house wine and sparkling wine you can drink in two hours.

Thanksgiving Set Menu & Dinner Delivery

Nov 21-29 @ Food Theory

Creative food hub Food Theory is doing both a pre-prepared takeaway dinner and an 8-course tasting menu set dinner, with a drink. The set dinner is 280rmb per person, and served from Nov 26 to Nov 29. The delivery dinner package includes a special Turkey Roulade with cranberry and sausage stuffing, and plenty of flexibility with sides, desserts and dishes, and is around 1,188-1,388rmb for the full thing. Or just choose to have the bird(s) delivered, starting at 688rmb! Get your order in at least four days prior to delivery.

Check our event listings for more Thanksgiving events in Shanghai.



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