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MP3 Monday: Effin' Disco

By Nov 10, 2008 Nightlife

MP3 Monday is a weekly SmartShanghai column, serving up mp3s from bands living and making music in China (or coming to China, or thinking about coming to China, or whatever). Right click on the links and choose "Save Link As..." to download 'em. Click play to rock 'em.

There's been a lot of cock rock on these MP3 columns lately and we didn't want you to feel jilted if sometimes you just want to dance, dance, dance.

So this weeks MP3s are from the electronic end of the spectrum in fervid anticipation of November 15, which will see not one, but two neat-o electronic/dance acts performing in Shanghai: Antidote pres. B6 "Post Haze" Record Release Party @ The Shelter and S.T.D. pres. Jeans Team @ LOgO.

If you plan your night right, you can go to both of them.


B6, as I'm sure you know, is one of the most famous DJ-types in the whole of the PRChina. He's released a bunch of records, he plays at all those Antidote parties and he also does all their nifty flyers. In terms of his extracurriculars, he's also in that band I-GO and a co-founder of Busy guy.

These tracks are from his latest CD "Post Haze," and the show at The Shelter this Saturday is the record release shaker for that. Here's it described in the PR stuff:

"Post Haze" shows a new maturity in B6's music, with precision programming, dance-floor rocking rhythms and glitch-happy beats. Starting with smooth, atmospheric minimalism, moving into mind-bending tech-house, then a bit of bangin' techno, "Post Haze" promises to be a landmark release out of China's developing independent music scene."

Here's my early review: 101001000101001.

It's just that good.

B6 - Fiction City

B6 - Blind Leading the Blissed

It's a full night this Saturday at The Shelter with a ton of DJ support from Ben Huang, Kico, Dre Skull, and Trix.

Trix?! Oh man! Fathers lock up your daughters Saturday night for sure!

Your 50rmb cover gets you a free CD as well, so that's good -- and it's the only place you can get the new B6 too. T-shirts and other stuff will be available as well, if you're covetous of other B6 stuff.


German techno quartet Jeans Team make the trip to China from the austere, severe environs of Modern Germany, bringing their techno-pop / new wave sound this Saturday to the challenging stage at LOgO bar. Jeans Team have been compared to Kraftwerk, have toured with Peaches, and have been heavily rotated by the John Peel Sessions. Here's two tracks winging their way to your MP3 player, care of promoter superheros S.T.D.

Both are righteous, even if you think techno music is "kinda lame."

Rounding out the bill along with the S.T.DJs. (R3, Addept, SS), is another German of serious merit and acclaim, DJ tootekool, playing "Micro-Rock," whatever the EFF that is.

If you do one thing today on this crap Monday morning, do yourself a favor and download that first one "Jeans Team - T.Y.T.T."

It stands for "Take Your Time To Shit," and is probably one of the greatest things you've ever heard.

Jeans Team - T.Y.T.T.S.

Jeans Team - Baby 3=2+1


And here's a bonus track in case you're really not down with the disco: BJ pop/skate punk band Brain Failure's "Fucking Disco." Because seriously. Fucking Disco... whatever. Enjoy!

Brain Failure - Fucking Disco

Brain Failure MP3 scored from the awesome Rock in China website and hopefully they won't mind.


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