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Shackleton Poster Art Giveaway

By Mar 31, 2010 Nightlife

Aces of bass, Sub-Culture have a big show on their hands this Saturday when they welcome in Skull Disco co-founder, and one of dubstep's most original voices, Shackleton in to Shanghai for his first show ever at The Shelter. It's going to be a huge deal, and they're doing it right, bringing in extra speakers and sub-woofers for this thing. It's the biggest one they've done so far -- it's excessive. I think they're just trying to show that they haven’t gone soft.

If you like the shit that goes BRaaaaVVVVAaanaannBBOOOOMMM, make sure you're there.

So right here we've got some exclusive downloads for you -- the quality, thumping 10MB kind, not the sissy normal 3MB kind -- from Shackleton, and we've also got a really neat poster art give-away thing. More on that below.

Here's Shackleton in a nutshell: "Thundering bass, tribal rhythms, snaking percussion, hypnotic melodies and dubwise sensibilities."

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Okay, so this poster art give-away. Every month, the Sub-Culture crew is inviting locally-based and international artists and graphic designers to design their event posters, and in collaboration with Nini Sum and Idle Beats, they're silk screening them up and making them available for purchase on the night. It's a really great idea -- hand-done, silk-screened images by unique graphic designers that you can buy for cheap, go get framed, and use to spruce up your living room. We've got some pictures of Idle Beats silk screening these Shackelton posters. Scroll all the way down for those.

For their first go with the concept, they've got artwork from Zeke Clough, a UK-based artist who designed all the sleeves for all the Skull Disco releases. His own distinctive style has been incorporated as "the look" of Skull Disco these past few years, but he's also done stuff for Mordant Music and Warp Records. Last but not least, his art work has also been featured in Wire, which we all know, is the Greatest Music Magazine in the World.

Speaking as someone with absolutely no real background in illustration (I checked out of comics sometime during the Bronze Age), I would describe Clough's style as The Misfits reading Zap Comics whilst high on hot knives. Possibly also listening to Cannibal Corpse. Maybe a documentary on Norwegian Black Metal is on in the background. Check out Zeke Clough on the web right here, and don't forget to check out his comic strips.

And his band too. Check this out. Some dude "plays a bicycle".


Update: All the posters have been claimed. Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

For the contest, Sub-Culture and SmartShanghai are giving away THREE silk-screened Zeke Clough posters, available for pick up on the night of the show, to the first three people who email us here, and answer this question:

What is the name of Shackleton's track on the first Skull Disco label release?

Good luck.


To everyone else, there are only 20 of these available, so I would recommend showing up earlier on Saturday and looking for a guy with a beard and usually a hat. That's organizer, Gaz. Go ask him for a poster and tell him that HE’S the ace of bass. Friend prices, friend prices.

Sub-Culture pres. Shackleton this Saturday at The Shelter. Support is from the Sub-Culture crew. Cover is only 50rmb.

Check out Shackleton’s Skull Disco right here. Check out Zeke Clough right here. Check out Idle Beats right here.



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